Michelle's Waterton pic.
My sister Michelle took this picture a few months ago while at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada with my grandpa's old film camera. She worked in the park all summer. It happens to be one of our families favorite places on this planet. It also happens to be 20 minutes away from our home. I love this picture. Here is a link to her lovely blog.
Interstate by Jed Whedon and the Willing by iamclark
In heavy rotation at the moment.
Israeli Palestinian Conflict Corum
A poster for an event I helped put together with some of my professors. I used pictures I took last year while living in Jerusalem for the layout and Adobe Illustrator for the first time in a few years to put it together with the help of a good friend.


Daniel Day Lewis will be playing Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie based on the Book "Team of Rivals" written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. My favorite actor playing one of my favorite people. This won't be out for a while but thats alright. I thought this video would be fitting given the recent developments.


  Whimper and Wail by Nathaniel Rateliff by iamclark
I've been listening to this song a bunch lately. Here is a link to his website.

The shots of the fire and burning embers are perfect. Plus the music is from Sigur Ros.
I need to make some small scale hot air balloons asap.


Jerash- The Temple of Artemis
Jerash- The Temple of Artemis. Taken October 2009.


The cool thing about this is that it was shot in one take. To me that's pretty Radical.
My Girls by Animal Collective by iamclark
My favorite song by Animal Collective.
People who know me, know I like things to be organized. Almost to the point it's weird. This particular picture is inspiring. Here is some information on what this thing is.

Maybe this article is interesting to me because I'm not totally sure what to do at this point in my life and perhaps this helps me feel okay about my college experience. Either way it's a good article about choosing a major and how it's not always smart to study towards job security. No, but yeah.
15_rumi_sport_125.jpg (1000x671)
1952 Rumi Sport 125
Silver Dagger by White Antelope by iamclark
Sometimes Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes records under the moniker of White Antelope. Here is one of my favorite songs.


This makes me want to paint.


This makes me want to go back. It doesn't hurt that the song is enjoyable too.
A picture of Cascade Mountain taken in Banff National Park this past summer.



Absolutely fascinating. Well made and interesting. I'm a fan.