Great Song, from a great album, from a band I'm really growing fond of.


Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles from Etsy on Vimeo.
Came across this video and had share it. I respect this guy a lot. Sometimes I wish I would just quite what I'm doing and just work in a shop building motorcycles and cars.


Bear Den

The other day my little brother Neal told me about a bear den he found down by Lee's Creek and without hesitation I convinced hime to take me their. He had heard about it from a neighbor a little while back and came across it with a little searching. Once we got there we had to get inside. If you're wondering if its safe to be in a bear den, the answer is pretty much yes. It is summer time, bears hang out in the dens during the winter months and don't stick around where they hibernate. I'm glad I have a stud of a little brother that enjoys going on motorbike expeditions like this one. Makes me wish I grew up in the rolling hills of Alberta rather then the suburbs of Southern California. Also, its Neal's birthday today. Happy Birthday buddy.


Will Stratton- You Divers

This track may be in my top five songs of 2012. The whole album is beautiful, but this song is a masterpiece in my opinion. Here is a link to his site.


Waterton Wheels Shine & Show

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was go to car shows. The most memorable one happened just around the corner from my house in California at the parking lot of the In 'N Out Burger. I stil really enjoy car shows but I don't make it to many. Waterton has a rather nice one every summer that Pat's (the local gas station/moped rental/convenience store). It doesn't disappoint. This year didn't change. I got to spend the day with the Low sisters walking around and enjoying every car. Karli had a fun fuji instamax camera she snapped some pictures with. There was even a fully decked out RCMP officer in the iconic red mountie uniform. Pretty successful day.

PS the pictures you see here were taken with my iPhone.


Aaron Joseph Puzey- Idaho

My buddy Aaron is an incredible musician. He traveled around a bunch this past summer and got to see a lot of america bouncing from state to state in a car. This particular video was filmed in North Carolina by his friend Benjamin. Its raw thanks to the filming of it being done on an iPhone 4s. Enjoy.


Canada Extras

A few more from the trip up to Canada. First one is Paula and I in Glacier, Second one is Damien getting the perfect shot of Katelin near the visitor center on Logans Pass, Third one is of a relaxing day in Waterton, Fourth is of the crew who showed up for the gathering At Cody's cabin, Fifth is of Matt and I driving Amy's VW bus around. Matt put it in gear as I put the clutch down and steered. It was brilliant and successful. We made it around like it was nothing. Everything about the trip was perfect. I'm glad such a good group of friends got to see how things are up north. Between all the things we did in Montana and Alberta, there wasn't much more a human being possibly could do to properly be introduced. Looking forward to the next trip up there.


Chief Mountain & A Fake Sunset

A storm rolled in out of nowhere and created this rare picture of the sun trying to burst through the clouds behind Chief Mountain. It's rare because the sun doesn't set behind Chief but this picture makes you think it does. Way to go mother nature. Well done.


Sunray Kelley

This cat is unique. He is so crazy its cool. More of his work can be found at www.sunraykelley.com


Roadtrip Revisited

^View of Waterton from the Prince of Wales Hotel.
^Levi knows how much I enjoy Redvines.
^Cameron Lake
^Carthew-Alderson Summit Hike.
^In the clouds.
^The hike got magical. Not even kidding.
^Looking into Glacier National Park fromt the summit.
^More magic.
^Paula, damien, and myself enjoying this little waterfall.

^Some of the men of the expedition.

More pics from the trip. I wish I had more but these should give you an idea of what it was like.


Refused, finally

In high school these guys were all you needed in terms of heavy rock 'n roll. They broke up in late 1998 after coming out with a groundbreaking record. I was always way bummed that I never got a chance to see them live but all that changed about a week or so ago. After all these years the band from Umea, Sweden decided to get back together and finish things off right by touring one last time. I almost went to Coachella just to see them but decided against it (crowds didn't seem worth it). Then I almost booked a ticket and flew to New York in July to see them but luckily I didn't because that show was actually cancelled.

Everything came together when I just happened to be only a few hours away when they came through calgary. I was front and center, something I've haven't done at a show for a long time. It was so good. Hearing and seeing them live was just what my summer needed. If you haven't heard of these guys, thats fine. Most likely you've listened to a band that was heavily influenced by them. I think that's where their legacy lives. No joke. These guys left their mark before breaking up abruptly. Its nice they get to add to it and have decided to share it with the rest of us. I just geeked out on this but I don't care. This show meant a lot.