Sunday Girl- Where Is My Mind

Happy New Year. Hope 2011 was a good one for ya, and that 2012 is even better. I'm starting things off this year by moving to a place I never really thought I would live, yet I'm pretty pumped about it. Should be a nice new adventure. Here is a link to the original song by The Pixies.


The NBA on TNT

So I'm a fan of basketball. Have been since I was a young gun. I got fanatical as a ten year old, played ball in high school and then took a couple years off and didn't follow it at all. After that brief hiatus I slowly got back into it and now I'll admit I'm a serious fan. I don't play as much as I would like (even though I just got back from playing with my cousins and my brother) but I still really enjoy playing a competitive game of hoops when I can. With the NBA just barely getting back into full swing after the lockout I must say I'm quite happy with the return. And I'm quite happy with this little video. It does a real nice job of mixing the old with the new. Almost to the point you really have to pay attention to each screen shot and see what is old footage and what is new. Pretty cool if you ask me.


You Are Plural- Where All Directions Lead

I saw these two play back in late September and was really impressed. I talked to them after and picked up a copy of their music and am a big fan. Click here for more info.


Merry Christmas

Here are a couple videos that do a great job of helping you reflect on this special time of year and the reason we celebrate it. The first one reflects on the holiday season. The second one was shared with me from my sister Michelle and has a great overall message. Both videos are applicable to this time of year. I'm grateful for my family and the opportunity I have to be with them this holiday season.

This pic wasn't taken this Christmas but since there is hardly any snow on the ground this year I thought I would dip into the archives and find a festive picture. This was taken just before a sleigh ride with my sisters Laurel and Michelle and my younger but bigger brother Brad.

I hope wherever you are and whoever you're with that you're enjoying this incredible holiday. You really can't beat this time of year. Mele Kalikimaka.


Behind Sapphire- Christmas Nigh

I really like this song. I posted a different version a while back but I don't care. I hope you enjoy it. These guys are so nice, they're giving away their latest batch of songs for free. Click here to get it and find out more about the band.


Deer Tick- Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant

John McCauley of Deer Tick playing a christmas keeper.


Mountain Man- Animal Tracks

I really dig this song. A lot.


Vaclav Havel
Vaclav Havel was the president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic who led both countries in very crucial parts of their respective histories. He passed away on December 18th having battled respiratory problems for many years. He was crucial to the velvet revolution which ended communism in his beloved land with virtually no violence. For several decades he was committed to ending communism and corruption and served over four years in prison and withstood heavy hardships as he spoke out and rallied people behind his message.

One of my professors in College introduced me to some of his writing after a lengthy discussion and since then I have included Havel as an inspiration to freedom and democracy. If you're ever in need of some positive readings I recommend reading his books, "Summer Meditations" and "Letters to Olga". Click here for more information.


I've been snappin' pics left and right around the yard. The timing happened to be just right with the sun slipping through the clouds on this one. I like how it turned out. The chinook winds have blown the snow right off the fields exposing the compressed, dead, and golden brown grass throughout the countryside. I like how the light reflects off of it as opposed to it being totally snow covered. We got several inches of snow this afternoon so things look quite different now.

Taken the other day with my iPhone, edited with the Camera Plus app, and shared through instagram.


Ron Paul on The Tonight Show

I don't like getting political on here but I just really like hearing what Dr. Paul has to say on a variety of subjects. This guy is sensible, honest, and consistent and for some reason I feel extremely comfortable with the thought of this 76 year old taking office. I read his book "The Revolution" after his presidential bid in 2008 and really enjoyed his approach to economics and foreign policy. It's those two important issues I pay most attention to when it comes to electing a President. I have a hard time with some of Ron Paul's followers, some seem a bit too overzealous and obnoxious but overall I have found the group to be comprised of level headed people from the right and the left of the political spectrum. I like that he pulls people from both sides. Click here for more info about him.


Laurie Cameron- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Darlene Love sings this somewhat sad Christmas song with a bit more of a positive twist to it than Miss Laurie Cameron, but I still like it. I almost think the slower, more melancholy version suits it a bit better.

Almost makes me wish I had a lover to miss? What? Pathetic. Yeah right. I'm too busy planning the design of my gingerbread house and what Land-O-Lakes Hot Chocolate packet (It's a toss up between Hazelnut and Mint) to use for my next cup of the wolds best holiday beverage (behind Whole Food's Egg Nog that comes in a glass bottle) to be getting all down in the dumps during the Holidays. Did I use too many parenthesis? I don't even care.


Winter Weather Here I Come (I think I'm ready for ya)
Tonight I board a plane and head for the rolling hills and prairies of Southern Alberta. I'll be seeing plenty of these little buggah's on my winter jacket while I'm there. I must say, I'm pretty pumped to see my family.


The Lumineers- Ho Hey

Keep an eye out for these folks. I have a hunch they will be causing quite the stir. Click here for their official home page.


Come Hell or High Water

I haven't seen the film yet but judging by the trailer I feel confident I'll like it. One of the greatest things about living in Hawaii is the opportunity that it allows me to bodysurf. I can't think of anything I enjoy more than heading to Waimea or especially Pounders and finding a small group of friends there bodysurfing the shore break. Pounders if my go to because it's so close and consistienly has wind driven waves, Waimea is less frequented but affords an incredible situation not duplicated anywhere else when it has the right conditions. When this film gets a distributor I'm going to for sure make the purchase.
Youth Lagoon- Goodbye Again (John Denver Cover)
Youth Lagoon - Goodbye Again (John Denver Cover) by overmuziek
I really dig a good cover song. I really like this version. If you're looking for a reference to the original you can click here and get a good look at Mr. Denver in all his glory performing this song live in Japan back in 1981. Classic. If you haven't jumped on the Youth Lagoon bandwagon you should. The kid just keeps reminding me why his music rules. I already liked him then he goes ahead and kills it on an classic track like this one. Cheers.
Field Mouse

Here is another link to their official video. I like the one above a lot better. If you dig the tunes you can find more out about them on their bandcamp site.


Honda CB125s Cafe Racer
I thought this was a pretty clean looking cafe racer that needed to be shared. Here is a link for more info.

***On a completely random side note. Lindsay Lohan decided to show up to a house party here in Laie. Pretty weird. It started off as an acoustic show for Maggie and Aaron with dancing afterwards but turned weird when Miss Lohan herself and a few of her peeps showed up. That in and of itself was weird until her purse got stolen out of her jeep which was parked out in front of the house. I guess nobody told her that things get stolen left and right here in Hawaii. I'm just glad that it was my ipod instead of ten grand that got jacked out of my truck a year ago from across the street from where her jeep was parked (which happened to be across the street from where I used to live up on the point in Laie). I left the dance party before things really got bonkers when apparently she started accusing people (my good friends) of stealing her purse. My friend Ian heard her say, "If I don't find my purse I'm going to do hard a_ _ time," as she was going through her tantrum. Word on the street is that her purse had the legal documents which allowed her to even leave the state of California in the first place since she is on parole.

There is actually some good video footage of her flipping out on people about the said stolen bag according to some friends. I have yet to see it. I guess the court ordered sobriety her judge issued for her lined up perfectly when the opportunity arose for her to stop by a house full of mormons having a harmless dance party. You wont find a lick of an illegal substance at one of the dance parties out here. To make this all even more crazy, the whole reason she is in Hawaii was to get away from all the hype around her posing for a well known magazine.

Here is a link which happened to make it to the front of TMZ. Weird. So so weird.

All in all, the whole thing was something to talk about. Nothing much really happens in Laie. It's just a sleepy college town on the North East side of Oahu filled with young Mormons trying to catch waves and get a bachelors degree. Maybe more celebrities trying to overcome toxic substances will find mormon house parties a good change of pace from the Hollywood scene. They just need to be sure to lock their valuables in their car a bit better.

*Enjoy this picture Evan Vilos decided to create in honor of the weirdest night the A-Frame or Laie for that matter, has ever seen. If you've ever been to the Laie McDonalds you have most likely seen this creepy Ronald McDonald statue. Notice the purse by Evan's foot. I laughed pretty hard at this photoshopped piece of art. (If you're ever in the area, be sure to listen to David Clark's recommendation and get the banana pies. They're to die for.



The National & Justin Vernon

When great artists coalesce.


BANZAI PIPELINE from the iPhone 4s

Today I camped out at the Billabong Pipeline Masters. I'm not gonna lie, I've never been more excited to be at a surf competition before in my life. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of huge crowds at the beach but today was quite the experience. John John Florence had one of the most incredible heats I've ever seen, pulling off a perfect 10 in the process. The first picture is a shot I got using my iPhone 4s as he was emerging from a deep barrel. Turned out pretty neat I think.

The second picture is of Seth, Evan and myself. We were all roommates when I first got out to Hawaii in 2005. Seth now has two kids (Sol & Coco) and Evan was in town for a visit. It was quite enjoyable to just sit in the shade by the stairs next to the Volcom House and watch all the action.

The third picture is a panorama taken using Photosynth as I was kicking it with Kellinann and her crew. It was a perfect day (weather and a nice NW swell).

All these were taken with the iPhone 4s. Makes a non-photographer goon like myself look like I know what I'm doing. Thanks technology.


M83 on Jimmy Fallon

To me it is incredible how well they sounded live in this video. Kimmel is my go to but Fallon does a great job of getting class acts on his show. Enjoy.
Too much fun.

This past week has been crazy. For some reason it seems like everyone I know is out visiting. I love it. It also makes it extremely difficult to be productive. I live here, I'm not on vacation; although when they're here I seem to be. Crap.

Picture 1: Waimea Bay was out of control fun these past few days. There is nothing better than bodysurfing there with a group of your friends and your favorite pair of churchill fins. Here is Evan and his favorite pair.
Picture 2: If you're ever in Haleiwa and need a sandwich, do yourself a favor and get a Turkey Pesto Sandwich at Waialua Bakery. You will thank me you did and you'll be 110% satisfied. The Swim family do a great job with everything there whether its a smoothie or a chocolate chip cookie. Radical.
Picture 3: Our buddy Jeff Johnson got married which is what brought a majority of the people visiting out to Hawaii. Here is Evan making a weird (normal for him) face as we wait for them to step outside.
Picture 4: Ghent, Taylor & I stopped by the Hannemann compound for some Lasagna and a tutorial on their favorite t.v. show called X Factor. Seth even conned Ghent into a foot rub (no shame & typical). The apartment was teeming with the raddest kids on earth.
Picture 5: Turtle Bay resort after a little hot tub session.
Picture 6: Ashley, Kelliann, Lauren, & Ghent.
Picture 7: Waimea Bay at its best.


Timescapes Trailer

Yes, another timelapse video. I put this one up because I really like the smooth movement over the water. It's pretty surreal.


Do You Hear What I Hear

A few years ago my sister Michelle and brother Bradley recorded this for our mother (she loved it). I'll probably post it every December from here on out because I enjoy it just that much. If ya like it feel free to share it. I think they did a pretty swell job. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and if you're in Hawaii or even if you're just missing it out here a bit... Mele Kalikimaka.
Condit Dam

I came across this video a few weeks ago and just remembered I wanted to post it. So here it is. This is the Condit Dam (was) on the Salmon River in Washington. It has been around for almost a century until just recently. The process of bringing the river back to normal will take years. At least the project has been started. Pretty incredible. This video reminds me of the time we had a little family vacation that took us to the hoover dam. My siblings and I couldn't stop making "damn" jokes to the chagrin of my dear mother. It's just too easy to say things like, "where are the damn tours?", "Can I get a damn map?", among a slew of others. It was fun. If you know my mom it's even funnier.


Yuksek- On a Train

I like whats going on in the background as the train is moving. The song isn't too bad either. I could have done without the dude's face showing up in holographic format towards the end though.


Lately in Hawaii.

Lately I've been reminded why I keep coming back to Hawaii. You just can't beat it out here. I have two good friends visiting out here right now. Josh decided to come back after being gone for 4.5 months and Ghent made a good decision and came out after an extended 4.5 year absence. The time paralells between them are interesting. I'm currently staying at our friend Evan Fa's place (along with Ted, Paul, & Ian) and its been a great reunion filled with Fa and Ghent rap battling, making fun of each other incessantly, and us reminiscing on the good old days ('05-'07). Luckily it gets better because over the course of the next week or so, several more friends will be coming out here for Jeff Johnson's Wedding. The combination of good friends and the lifestyle Hawaii affords makes it hard to leave.

Big thanks to Grant for putting together the bouldering expedition at Waimea. I have walked past those rocks a million times and had never thought about climbing them. If this post doesn't make you want to move to Hawaii we shouldn't be friends. Sike, but seriously.

Picture 1: View from the top of the bouldering rocks at Waimea Bay. It was a perfect sunset.
Picture 2: Hanging out at Log Cabins.
Picture 3: Ted making his way up the rocks. Josh having just arrived the day before was more interested in soaking up the sun (this makes sense having come from Calgary).
Picture 4: More of Waimea Bay via instagram.
Picture 5: The Impossibles Pizza truck topped off the day. You really can't get a better deal for food on the North Shore. 5 bucks gets you an entire quarter section of pizza. That's one slice in their book. It's dealville over there I'm telling you.
Picture 6: Ghent shows his face in Hawaii after a prolonged absence.