Shark Speed

Shark Speed is a band no more but they are still doin' their thing. The second video is of a commercial that featured their music which I think is pretty neat considering they haven't been a band for almost a year now and that they never quite got the exposure they deserved. My buddy from my Mormon Mission is the all purpose back up singer, tambourine user, synth/keyboardist, among other things in the band. Way to go Gregory. On top of that my close friend from childhood married the drummer (Natalie was the source of my knowledge of the car commercial too). I met David Clark through Greg and he plays guitar and back up vocalizes, Thayne sings his heart out and I met him through all those guys, so their are all sorts of connections. Fwwwefff. Had to get that all out there.
It would be nice to have them get back together and pursue music but I don't think that will happen. Everyone is spread out across America now. Check out their FB page for more info right here.

My family was never a pet family until about a year and a half ago. I always wanted a dog but it never happened. Since my family has moved out to the middle of nowhere a lot of things have changed; for instance we own a dog now. It's a great thing. Rio is her name and she is a Border Collie and Red Healer mix. She looks like a fox with a little white at the end of her tail and ears that perk up a bit but flop over at the tippy top. Rio is rad. Here are some pictures I snapped on my phone a couple weeks back as she followed me around as the sun was setting. I'll post a picture of the dog house I built her with my kid brother last summer. Cheers to family dogs and families that make good changes.


Fall Creek Boys Choir

This is a nice collaboration between James Blake and Bon Iver. I rather enjoy it. Click here for a great video.
Tyson Monson
My cousin Tyson is a professional photographer. He teaches classes at a couple different universities and works at an art gallery along with his freelance photography business. I really enjoy the detail he pays attention to on his shots. He mos def knows what he's doing and it shows in the quality of his work. He shoots with film and digital and is a wizard with either of them. I really like how he isn't a totally fanatic about one or the other but looks at both techniques and equipment as having benefits fit for different things. I think some photographers stick to one side or the other too much and miss out on what each have to offer. He is balanced.
I had a chance to tag a long with him on one of his shoots a couple weeks ago. Check out his website here. And his facebook page here. This pic up above is a little shot I got of him doing what he does best. I'm hoping there will be some time in the future I can learn more about his craft and assist him some more. I'll post my favorite picture he has taken of one of my most favorite places on this earth.


Blitz Motorcycles & Edwin

So this is a little promo video for a jeans company I don't know much about. They got the guys from Blitz Motorcycles in France to use as their subjects and it works. This is a simple video using a great old-timey song by Arlo Guthrie which works well with the laid back approach that's captured as these bike enthusiasts enjoy the countryside with man and machine. Neat.



I took these while on a hike happened to take me across a lot of different types of rock. I was taken back by some of the texture on some of them. Here are my favorites.

Southern California

I grew up my whole life in Southern California (age 5 to 25). Not too far from Los Angeles and all it had to offer, not too far from the beach and waves, not too far from the desert and mountains and its fresh air, not too bad of a place to be raised. I haven't spent much time in California over the past few years. Going to school in Hawaii and having your family relocate to Canada makes it more difficult to keep in touch with you roots; it sill doesn't change how dynamic a place is or what it's worth to you. I really enjoy this little video that showcases just a bit of what makes Southern California such a sought after place with so much to offer.

I know, I know... There is a lot of traffic and the San Fernando Valley isn't that cool but California is a great place. Cheers to a visit there in about a month or so.


WILCO- Dawned On Me

A new song from a new album dropping soon. I enjoy it. I would be a bit bothered to have people wearing bright colors snapping pictures of my as I play an instrument and sing but Jeff Tweedy handles it well.


Murder In The City

Not many songs I enjoy more than this one. Look out for this line, "Always remember there was nothing worth sharing Like the love that let us share our name". Can't think of a better line than that one.


1965 Chevrolet 4x4 Stepside Shortbed Pickup Truck
So at work yesterday, a handy man came in to install some shelves and happened to have rolled up in this gem of a vehicle. You don't come across trucks with this much character these days. I talked to him about it for a bit and found out some interesting things about it.

He has owned it for a year. He purchased it for two grand and has since done a lot of mechanical adjustments and repairs. He has had his eye on this puppy for about 25 years. He knew the man who owned it and would let him know that if he was ever going to sell it that he was interested. Finally the guy decided that after being broke down and sitting on his farm for two decades he should sell it. I was impressed with the man's perseverance. It sure paid off. This rarity is a 1965 Chevrolet 4x4 stepside short bed Pickup Truck just in case you missed the title. I plan on owning one... or perhaps keeping my eye on it and buying it from the handy man later on down the road...
The Civil Wars

I really enjoy this band and particularly this song. These two know how to write music.



We found this little guy on the road about a week ago. He was unable to fly having just left his nest. With none of his friends or parents around we decided to help him out and take him home. Usually we don't take in wild animals or get involved in their lives but there are a lot of coyotes and badgers out there and we wanted to give him a good shot at growing up. We have a large cage in our garage that he has been staying in and we take him out and do flying exercises with him to help build the strength in his wings. We've identified him as a Swainson's Hawk. Find out more about them here. Quite an impressive bird if I do say so myself. It's been neat to see his growth over the past several days. We've been feeding him and getting him aquatinted with his surroundings. We will be letting him go in a the next couple days I suspect.

I named him Mordecai due to his resemblance to another bird of prey featured in one of my favorite movies. If you can honestly name the movie I'm talking about I'll send you a post card from Waterton National Park. This is no gimmick. Just write your answer in the comment section and email me your address and you'll have yourself a nice new post card I know you'll enjoy. You have to be honest and can't peek at the other comments. I'll give you a hint: Think German Christmas Trees. You can find my email address in the information section of this here web log. I've never done something like this before so we will see who responds. I expect maybe one or two responses, one being my mother and perhaps one other person. Surprise me... I dare ya. I'll send a postcard to anywhere so don't hesitate.


Life Cycles

This is a great film. The trailer could be a bit stronger in my opinion but the film itself is phenomenal. I'm glad my friend Katie hooked me up with her copy to borrow a couple times because this film doesn't get old. The music on it is great too. Mostly featuring Data Romance but also including Explosions In The Sky among others. Get your hands on a copy and you won't regret it. Even if you know nothing about mountain biking. Do it.


Had a chance to make a trip down to Lee Creek with my brothers Brad and Neal. It was a good time. With our family being scattered most of the time it's been nice having some get togethers this summer. My sister Michelle was nice enough to snap this shot on the way down. We had the official job of opening all the fences on the way down for the truck and she became the official documenter of the day. Thanks Michelle. I'm the goober with the ipod connected to his arm. Nerd attack. Here's what was playing on it:

M83- Midnight City
Mineral- Palisade
Data Romance- Night Section
Dawes- Time Spent In Los Angeles
Miike Snow- Black & Blue
Nathaniel Rateliff- Early Till Spring
Panda Bear- Last Night At the Jetty
The Rural Alberta Advantage- Northstar
Ryan Adams- Halloweenhead
(click on the song name to listen to the song)


The World Is Where We Live

Thought this was a pretty well done little video.


New Villager
New Villager- ShotBigHorixon

New Villager- RichDoors

These guys have been on my radar for a bit now. I'm glad they have a full length album about to come out in the next couple months. I'm not a fan of their videos but I like their music. Check it.


I was able to wake up and have this handed to me thanks to the brother and sister duo of Chase and Kara Leavitt. Walnut & blueberry waffle with a bit of ice cream, fresh blueberries, and maple syrup. August 9th started out right.(also, this isn't me trying to act like I'm some kind of culinary artists. I snapped this with my phone cam. This web log wont be showcasing recipes any time soon. amen)


Plot Device

It is phenomenal what people are doing with HDSLR cameras and some other tools when it comes to film. I came across this little video from this little site that showcases a lot of up and coming talent in that realm. When I say little in regards to both references in the last sentence, I say it with a bit of a smirk. Sure the video is 9 minutes long but there is nothing little about it. I love how people with little resources and money are getting the attention of Hollywood with their talent as the tools to make quality films become more accessible and economical for the everyday person to work with.


August 4th

On August 4th My father and brother celebrated their birthdays. They happen to be exactly 30 years apart. As a family we were able to celebrate the occasion with the traditional chocolate cake and ice cream. After the modest celebration, Brad (birthday brother) and I took the dirtbikes out around the yard and to the surrounding pastures to explore. We decided to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight up on the hill with the radio tower above my grandparents house.

I particularly like how it has the retro looking electrical bolt on the dish. Pretty classic if you ask me. First picture is of the dish, second is of the tower on the hill, and third is of rad Brad's profile shot which will most likely turn into a new profile pic. (you know you wish you had a nice profile shot like that to slam up on good 'ol FB)

Needless to say, I'm glad Bradley made the 11 hour drive north so we could celebrate his birthday and have a family reunion. Good choice.


Neat Videos: Eat, Move, Learn

My friends Kylie and Spencer met the guys who made these videos not too long ago up at Machu Picchu. I'm quite impressed with not only the quality but the content. Very inspiring. Quality to the max.


Sometimes I go to antique shops
I got a 3/4 shell motorcycle helmet and a hurricane lantern for ten bucks each at the antique/random junk shop in Colombia Falls, Montana (first picture). I got two Pendleton wool shirts for 23 bucks in Babb, Montana (second picture) along with the coolest leather belt I've found since the one I wear nearly every day with bears and oak leaves on it. It deserves a post all by itself. All of a sudden I can't get enough of what Montana has to offer. More on that wonderful state in a bit...
Polish Lanters: Midsummer's Night

Came across this video on the Adventure Journal's site. Being a part of this is now on my bucket list.


Stephen Colbert + Justin Vernon & Company

I couldn't resist putting this up. I enjoy the Colbert Report and enjoy this music. I don't care if I look like a superfan or if I'm overdoing the Bon Iver posts.