Ireland & The Cliffs of Moher
Ireland & The Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

This isn't a new video. Many of you have probably already seen this, but I love it. I had a chance to visit the Cliffs of Moher a few years back and let me tell you, they are as majestic. Kevin Young and myself got ourselves out of Dublin and out in the countryside of Ireland and came across some incredible landmarks. These Cliffs are incredible. Not to mention featured in Princess Bride as the Cliffs of Insanity. Anyways... Check it.


James Vincent McMorrow
James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had A Boat by partisanpr
James Vincent Mcmorrow - This Old Dark Machine by partisanpr
James Vincent McMorrow - Red Dust by transpose
This guy makes great music. He is from Dublin, Ireland. Check it out. My buddy Jordan recently did an album review of his latest work and it turned out great. I'll post a link when I get it.


Mike & Bethany Schoneman
Mike & Bethany
wedding party.
Pehrson & I as Mike's groomsman
Baby Beck. Product of Pehrson & Kate
Made a trip out to California to be a part of Mike & Bethany Schoneman's wedding. Had an incredible time down in San Diego partaking of the festivities. Mike and I were roommates out in Hawaii and roadtrip buddies this past summer. I'm so pumped for him and his new wife. Great people. I had the pleasure of driving down to San Diego with Pehrson Hawkley and his incredible wife Kate. Not to mention their new addition to the family: little baby Beck. Him and I bonded over the weekend. It was great. Getting back out to California was so overdue. It had been too long. The highlights were reconnecting with friends after an extended period of time apart. Such a good weekend. Pic 1: Mike, Pic 2: Mike & Bethany, Pic 3: The groomsman & the new dynamic duo, Pic 4: Pehrson & I, Pic 5: Baby Beck doin' his thing.


Chinatown & First Friday
Last week a group of us went down to Chinatown to check out the festivities that go on there every first Friday of every month. Chase, Manny, and Nellie sat in the back of my truck on the way down there. The first pic is of Chase enjoying the view with the Windward mountains as a nice backdrop. Second pic is of the historic Hawaii Theater. Eighth and final pic is a part of the gang who made it down to town for the fun. It was a great way to spend a Friday night and get away from the sleepy town of Laie. (Don't get me wrong, I prefer Laie to Honolulu all day long, it's just nice to get out a bit every once and awhile) I'm already pumped to go next month.

I'm off to the airport in a couple hours to head out to Southern California to see Michael P. Schoneman & Bethany Speed tie the knot. I'm stoked out of my mind for a little mainland visit. I'll be heading north on a little road trip with some upstanding individuals to meet up with my brother and two sisters going to school in Utah. Found out Mark & Marilee are coming down for a little visit too. They are bringing my 15 year old brother Neal, so it's bound to be a good time. Cahoon Reunions always are. Adios to Oahu till the 27th.


Mexico- From Where You'd Rather Be

I don't drink alcohol but I sure like this video. I find some of the best videos/commercials/advertising are all done by companies trying to hawk their alcoholic beverages. While they don't get me to buy into their product, I sure do respect their work from time to time. This video has a great feel to it. I haven't been to Mexico in years... but this video makes me want to start planning my next trip. It was filmed by Taylor Steele, the guy produces incredible films. Enjoy. My dear friend Elle first introduced this video to me. She is now in winter-locked and freezing cold Siberia, quite a contrast from sunny south of the border Mexico.

I really really like Cream Soda... so I just think of Cream Soda every time I see a bottle or a carton in the video. It makes it the video even that much more better. (mo betta)


Yamaha SR400 Varkain
Came across this beautiful cafe racer on pipeburn.com and had to post about it. Simple and clean. I can't wait to put a bike like this together. I'll wait until I live in a place that doesn't let everything get eaten by rust. My worst enemy. I enjoy the brand spankin new vintage firestone tires. Nice touch.
The Get Up Kids- Valentine

This band put out a few records when I was in high school that were in heavy rotation in my truck. I'll never stop liking this band. Even though they broke up for 5 years only to get back together to put out a subpar record, I still stick with 'em. I thought this song would be appropriate given the day. Lame.

The second video is a classic. Listened to this stuff a lot back in the late 90's. Yep.


Walking Salem Non-Profit Organization
Desert View 3 - Eilat Mountains
Photo by Avi Morag (click on the picture to see his photostream on Flickr)

Some buddies and I are starting a Non-Profit Organization that will help connect Israeli and Palestinian youth through a wilderness survival program based off of Bedouin survival techniques and culture. (These people have lived in the harshest of deserts for centuries) It is somewhat of a combination of Anasazi and PeacePlayers. Click on the links to find out more about those two incredible organizations. We are entering the Dell Social Innovation contest to try and get funding for the start up costs. I hate mass emails and messages but I made an exception since this project has so much potential to do good and now I'm taking it to my web log. Holy Smokes. If there is anyway you can help by voting or spreading the word, whether by mouth or by the internet, it would be much appreciated. Follow these simple steps to vote:

Step 1: Go To - http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com/

Step 2: Register – Registering is a two step 30 second process.
It’s on the right side of the webpage that says: Register Now>

Step 3: Login and search – Walking Salem than click VOTE!
(The search bar is in the top right corner of the page)

If you have a minute and want to press the little facebook icon on the Dell website to share with friends, feel free to go ahead and do that too. It goes a long way. Your help and support is much appreciated. Time is precious and I know this takes a couple minutes out of your day but it means a lot. Mahalo and have the best weekend ever!


Hau'ula Bowls
Took this picture after coming back from town at about 6:30 in the morning. That's right, I was returning at 6:30AM (means we took off at 4:30AM). I took my roommate to town so he could be a star(or an extra) in Hawaii 5-0. Grant sold his vehicle over the weekend and was in a bind, he was generous and paid for gas. Look out for the episode when some dude jumps off a balcony by a pool and when people are dressed up in costumes. I guess he was shooting that episode or something... Back to the picture. I have been wanting to take a picture of this tree with fishing net floats hanging from it for several months now. Finally pulled the trigger on it when I saw how nice the clouds looked early in the morning as its backdrop. I knew it was going to have to be taken early in the morning and this pic proves it. The sun rises over the East side of Oahu perfectly. I'll take a picture on a better camera other than my phone sometime in the future. Anyways... I'm no photographer but this tree needed to be shot. (Location: It's just before 7-11 in Hau'ula near the beachpark at a surf spot called Hau'ula bowls)


Tarp Surfing

My buddy Devin has made another video. It features pretty much all my friends out here in Hawaii. Things to look for: Manny on his blue motorcycle towing people in, Nick and his slick shades, Andy being Andy, and Lisa in the opening shots. I'm pretty sure this video is going to blow up like a few of Devin's other ones. Taylor started a wooden eyewear company called Proof. Check out their site here. Jace is about to get his longboards in Costco pretty soon (which is pretty rad), especially since the company just started this year. Check out his temporary website here. I have fun friends. This video documents that fact.

I retired from skateboarding back in 7th grade, so I opted out of the video shoot. ha, no but yeah.

P.S. I can't stand the song. It makes me cringe, there I said it. Had to get that off my chest.


Don't Get Bit By A Centipede
Centipede, Hawaii
That thing above what you are currently reading bit my right pointer finger on Saturday and made my hand look like this. (Look at the difference. Dear Heavens. It was even worse in real life)
Centipede Bite
I was picking up some 2X4's that were in some tall grass in front of my house to start working on a little project and out of nowhere I get a sharp pain in my hand. I immediately fling my hand down to see what bit me and lo and behold it was a Centipede bite. I had two bite marks on my pointer finger. It even made me bleed. It didn't stop me from working that afternoon but it sure got fat and swollen. I had a few good friends make some wise cracks about it later that night. I have to admit I looked obese if you were only looking at my right hand. I survived and now the internets knows about it.
Mashups & Remixes
wait what - juicy-r by wait what
Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix) by Fresh On Campus
The Hood Internet - Endless Hookup (R. Kelly x Rogue Wave) by hoodinternet
Over the past couple years I have been a sucker for mashups. I can't get enough of people taking songs apart by splicing, cutting, mixing, and mashing 'em up. Here are a few favorites. I'll post a few more in the future. I'm constantly finding new ones. The first one mixes Notorious B.I.G. and the XX. Pretty radical outcome. I'm not usually a big rap guy (unless it's Cage or Aesop Rock) but this stuff is fun. Enjoy.



I'm a pretty big Johnny Cash fan. Have been for some time now. I have also spent some time in Jackson, Mississippi. I served my Mormon Mission there. I loved it there. The southern united states has something special about it. Rich in culture and conflict. Very interesting. My cousin Becca and her husband Mike just had a baby and named him none other than... Jackson. I like their choice for a name. They already have a son named Bentley who happens to be one of the coolest kids on the block. Yet another great name in my opinion. I have yet to meet Jackson, but I will soon. I just need to make the well overdue trip to Honolulu. This post is for all things Jackson, especially the newborn.


Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit- Alabama Pines by iamclark
Jason Isbell used to play music in a band called Drive-By Truckers. He now has his own band. They are releasing a new album in April and this song is on it. Check it. I like it and it's not just because I've been to Alabama.


Hukilau Burger

I was hungry today. I decided to go to Hukilau Cafe and get their Hukilau Burger. It has never disappointed me. I was stuffed after eating it. It was worth it. If you have never had it, I recommend trying it next time you're in the area. It was good enough for Man vs. Food so it better be good enough for you. Click here for more info on what a Hukilau is.
Rest stop somewhere in the Egyptian desert.
Nile in Luxor
Ultimate Giza Plateau Picture
I've been keeping a pretty close eye on the events happening in Cairo these days. I had the chance to visit Egypt in the fall of 2009. I feel like I was just there. The first picture was taken in an obscure corner of a rest stop our bus took us to. It's somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. The second picture was taken down south of Cairo in Luxor. These little boats cruise around all day long out there. Pretty rad. The third picture is of the Giza Plateau. Pretty typical tourist shot there. I'll post more pictures in the future. I have tons more. Here is an article you should read to keep yourself informed.