Mad Diving Barons My buddy Matt and Tim are in a rad band. They are called Mad Diving Barons and I had a chance to see them perform live the other night. They rule. I really enjoy this cover of "The Wait" by The Band. One of the greatest musical groups ever. Their drummer, Levon Helm recently passed away so they did this in his honor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can purchase their latest album iTunes by clicking here.


A New Bicycle
This new Fuji Touring bicycle is what I decided to put my coins towards. They covered the cost of almost half. My buddy Tayt helped me pick it out, hooked me up with it, and even put it together in his shop. Rad guy. Top notch even. I've already enjoyed taking it out a bit. Can't wait for my first big ride. The weather is almost ready for it. I feel like a ten year old saving his coins for a bike; but I guess that's okay.


JEEP Mighty FC Concept

This is a pretty incredible concept vehicle. I like when design teams take something from the past and use it as the foundational inspiration for a new project. I'm not even a huge fan of JEEP but this is just plain neat. Click here for more info.


Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to find out what this large Ketchup can of coins (some of which have been saved since my high school days) went towards on a new purchase. I'm pretty amped on it. Who needs coins anyways? Fountains and wells? You'll appreciate it, I promise.



I saw Megafaun play a couple weeks ago at Kilby Court. They were far more technical and delicate and precise with their music than I thought they would be. I guess I missed that listening to their album. I took a picture of their poster, not because I didn't like the band (it was tough for me to get a decent shot of them) but more so because I am really impressed with the logo and font they use. I've been a big fan of Aaron Draplin's work, so it makes sense I would really latch onto this design since he was the mastermind behind it. Here is a link to his website. They guy is straight forward and to the point. Plus he is extremely talented.

Plus this song is so rad. Enjoy it.


Masonic Temple
I had last friday off so I decided to take a friend up on an offer he threw out my way and take a tour of the Egyptian Revival inspired Masonic Temple built in 1927 that happens to be just around the corner from my house here in Salt Lake. I snapped this shot of the ceiling in the main auditorium. The entire building was quite majestic. It was an interesting tour too. Click here for some wiki info.


This Is My Home

Neat little video. Next time I'm in Manhattan I wouldn't mind stopping by this guy's place.


I had some friends who found an old chest in their attic a couple weeks back. They decided to have a guessing game between a bunch of friends to see who could guess what was inside of it. In the end nobody really got it because it was empty. It was still a neat old wooden chest that came across the atlantic in the 1950's. It looked a lot older but oh well. It was still kinda fun. This is a picture of the keyhole; my favorite part of the derelict piece of furniture.


Another Sharon Van Etten Post

I had a chance to see Sharon Van Etten play last week. My dear friend Brittany came with me so it was nice to have some quality time with her as well. Not to mention I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in years so that was another bonus. The show was really pleasant. It sounded good. I think I found my favorite venue in Salt Lake. The State Room was really quite nice. They had old church pews set up in the back so you could just sit back and relax plus the sound guy knew what he was doing. The acoustics were spot on.


Makapu'u Lighthouse

This picture was taken all the way back in 2005. It is one of my all time favorite pics from out in Hawaii. This picture was made possible because of a spontaneous trip that originated with my buddy Chaz asking if I was done with classes and wanted to go on an adventure while I was leaving the library of BYU-Hawaii. I quickly replied yes and before I knew it I was in a busted up old SUV with several friends on our way to the lighthouse at Makapu'u. After we went into town and had Thai food which really tied things up nicely. This picture features Maggie Nilsson and myself messing around with the depth of field. Quite the optical illusion.


Camp 4 Collective

The editing and color grading on this little video are supremely done. The slow motion is fantastic too. I don't mountain bike but this makes me want to get into it. Even after that nasty fall at the end.


Foals-Spanish Sahara

My friends Stevie introduced me to this band, using this song. I'm glad she did because it rules. The build up is worth the wait. Listen to it twice.


Cool Buildings in SLC

Some impressive buildings in the downtown area. SLC.