Alcoholic Faith Mission

I just like this song. The video kinda gets edgy there for a second. Watch out. Great jam though.


A Cabin In A Loft

I came across these pictures a while back and hadn't put it up for some reason. Pretty neat concept. Read all about it from the website The Design Ark.


The Stars

The Stars as Viewed from the International Space Station. Pretty stellar. Credit goes to Eric Lawrence for pointing this out to me. Thanks buddy.


The Anniversary

This takes me right back to high school. The gal in this band dated and married the bassist of The Get Up Kids. I always thought that was interesting. Pretty catchy tune with a pretty silly video. I still like it though.


Salt Lake Blue
Snapped this while walkin' around some back ally ways.


Cloud Nothings

From what I understand the lead singer of this band is only about 21 and he has three albums under his belt. This last one calld, "Attack on Memory" is pretty good. Here are a couple of my favorites. These guys came through and played a killer set at Kilby Court a few days ago. It was enjoyable.


Haruka Nishimatsu

During my lunch break at work yesterday I read an article (click here to read it) about a guy who was just about to resign after over a decade at Goldman Sachs. He wrote his letter of resignation as to why he was leaving and decided to have it published in a The New York Times article. He indeed makes some good points. I don't think everyone at Goldman is having the same experience he is having but one thing is for sure: the investment banking world needs some change. His letter brings up some good talking points while at the same time made me a bit curious why he lasted as long as he did over there. I enjoyed reading this article as well because it brings up some good points as far as reforming the bankings system in general. I usually try and find opinions from several sides of a topic when I read the news, or at least try to understand an opposing view on something I feel is worth my time reading. I don't think Goldman Sachs is any more worse than Bank of America or most any banks out there, I'm not trying to single them out. I have friends that work or have worked in the past at Goldman Sachs and have heard various opinions about the company. In general I think there should be some intense scrutiny and reform inside and out of the banking system. I would feel better if there was more transparency because I think we can avoid another recession like the one we are in/recovering from right now if simple steps are taken and old habits are changed.

In closing, one of the biggest issues I have with not only the banking world but in the corporate world as well, is the intense rift between top executives and common employees. Not just a rift in wages, but a rift in culture, values, integrity and many other important characteristics. I'm not asking for everything to be equal. Not at all. I just think the example of Haruka Nishimatsu and Japanese Airlines is one to recognize and take note of. This little video clip will help make your day. Promise. Happy Aloha friday.

*video was found on Fitted Hawaii's website. Check out their gear.
Keeping things Urban.
Here are a couple more pics I snapped while walkin' around the city last weekend. Found this stencil of a deer on a busted up yellow dumpster. Neat. Not too far from that there was this old water tower on top of this derelict building. I think this little back ally is my favorite (so far from what I've seen, and I haven't even scratched the surface of downtown Salt Lake yet).

Birdy got some attention for another cover she did a little while back. This song is one of my favorites by Phoenix so naturally I figured I would enjoy hearing another rendition. I thought it was well done. The video is a bit dramatic but I think the director did a pretty good job of telling a story. Hope you enjoy.



This video is short and simple but it instils at least one main thing; the desire to get me to Norway quick. It has been on my list of places to go for some time. I need to see the fjords among many other things. I'll have to plan a time when my friend Ingunn heads home for a visit.


Sharon Van Etten-Leonard

I'm going to get my tickets to see her play at The State Room on March 27th. I like this video. makes me want to go out and take a drive.


Ava Maria
The other day I decided to take advantage of the slightly warmer weather and go out for a walk around the city. I am still getting my bearings around this new town and want to make it a habit to just get out and walk and explore. I came across this mural while out and about. There is some more information you can read up on along with a video right here. If you have a chance to walk around Salt Lake City be sure to trek on over by 150 South and 200 East and you'll be sure to see it.



I've been listening to Polica quite a bit lately. These two songs on their album "Give You The Ghost" are my favorite. They hail from Minnesota. Here is some more information.


Sunbeam Motorcycle

I would be pleased to own one of these classics. Found this here.



I was first made aware of this duo by Jeff Frazier over at Definitive Media and I'm glad he recommended them to me. I think you'll be seeing a lot more from these two musicians. Keep your eyes peeled for more. Thanks again Jeff.

Here is a link to their fb page.


Earthly Bodies

Listened to this song on the way home from work yesterday. It was quite therapeutic. Plus, as annoying as it is to have an entire youtube video up on the web log with only a picture, at least it has a hawk in it.


SPARKS- Short Film

I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed this short film. It was directed by Jason Ho. I think it was the attention given to the lighting that really made this stand out to me. I know it's quite sappy but you have to admit the song is great and it was well done regardless.

Plus my fantasy lifestyle is to drop everything I have going on and work in a shop tinkering with old cars, motorcycles, and creating old looking lamps out of car parts. Don't make fun of me. Give me a grinder, some socket wrenches and a task to do and I'm in heaven.


My Father
My Father is a stud. Second to none.
Kimbra-Two Weeks/ Head Over Heels

This gal has gotten a lot of attention for a certain duet she did but I enjoy this song quite a bit more. Pretty much any variation of Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" will get me pretty pumped.


Waterton Lake

Snapped these during the excursion I took up north with my brother Brad, Sister Michelle, and future brother in-law Jordan. It was cold but worth it. Next time I go up I'll use my semi-real camera instead of my iPhone.



You've already seen this most likely but it doesn't mean you can't give it another whirl. Plus this Karma Kid remix is pretty darn neat.
Cool Nike Advertisment
I most likely won't buy these shoes, although I do have a greater respect for the advertising department at Nike. Pretty neat way to show movement with string.


Bear & Wolf

If you hate this we can't be friends.
My grandmother's wall. Keeping it simple and sweet.