Yosemite Since I'll be heading to Yosemite in a few weeks I figured I would post this video. This place is stunning. I haven't been in several years so this trip will be memorable. If you haven't been hopefully this short video will help sway you to go sooner than later. The music is a little much in my opinion but its a great little flick. This guy knows how to capture Yosemite in a different way than most people do. Impressive.


Granary District

A little while back Greg, Robin, Jordan, and I decided we wanted to get some food. It was a friday night and we were hungry so we started driving and lo and behold we found this block party happening just down the street from where I live on 700 south and decided to take part. We got some food, watched some live music, and learned about the revitalization taking place in this part of town. For more info on the Granary District click here.


Kahuku Grill If you ever head to the tropical island of Oahu, get yourself up to the north shore. After your hour long drive (take the scenic rout up Kamehameha Hwy) you should be hungry... so do yourself another favor and go to the Kahuku Grill. I grew up with the Hannemann's in California before they relocated to Oahu and started the grill. Their little burger stand is something to experience. I go Teri chicken plate all day long and switch it up with a burger here and there. I wish I could eat there as I please. If you've ever eaten there I dare you to write a comment. Double dog dare ya. I know at least a couple of my friends read this web log so there should be at least one or two comments before too long...



This is a picture of my grandparents when they were dating in high school. Pretty neat. I could go on and on about them but I'll save some cool stories for another time. The wait will be worth it.


Wagon Heritage Watch this. It's worth it.


One more from the Uintas

I think this is my favorite picture from the Uinta camping trip. Neat thing is that the two people in the forefront of the picture are getting married soon. Congrats to Tyler and Sarah.


Gungor I am a sucker for the cello. Not a bad song.


Camping in the Uintas
A few weeks ago I had the chance to go camping in the Uinta Mountains with some friends. I had never been so I jumped at the opportunity. We were planning on camping at Mirror Lake but ended up just heading down the road a couple miles to Butterfly Lake. The group was great. I mostly went with friends I knew but there happened to be some people I got to know for the first time there. Overall it was a great little trip. I plan on heading back there soon. It's nice that there are such majestic mountains only an hour or so away from Salt Lake. While on the drive there my buddy Bob coined the term, "easy vista". We used it throughout the remainder of the trip. I liked it so much I just keep using it. Whenever you see a spectacular view or "vista" and it happens to be "easy" on the eyes... go ahead and use it. It's perfect.


Cloud Nothings I'm a big fan of these guys. My buddy Greg got me into them and after seeing them I was on board even more. I dig the fast guitars, rough voice, and reverb these guys employ. Real neat stuff.
Back from the Czech Republic

It was a pleasure having my old pal Bryan stop by my place after an extended period of time away serving a mormon mission in the Czech Republic. We have been on many adventure together, from the Kalalau Valley, to the banks of the Nile, and the stone walls of Petra... this kid gets exploration. If you know him personally you know what I'm talking about. Plus he is from Mt. Shasta, California.


Steve Nash
As a Laker fan and as a dual citizen (US & Canada) I'm a pretty big fan of this sign and trade. This next year will be fun. Source can be found here.


My 4th of July

We went to a reservoir to cool off. We went to Paula's house for dinner. We decided to have our own fireworks show after Sugarhouse Park had theirs. Ours was better because we had illegal fireworks from a neighboring state. I've never lit off more mortars in my life. I felt like a kid again. The 4th was one to remember.


The First 70 Trailer This is worth looking at. Watch it.



So last night I tricked a bunch of friends into celebrating Canada Day. It was easy. We had people over to watch a show... a few more people came over... we had a bunch of fireworks at our place ready for the 4th... I went outside and started lighting them off... and boom! It was the 1st of July which is Canada Day and a bunch of unsuspecting Americans were having the time of their lives watching fireworks. Trickery.
Happy Sandlot Birthday
This gal just had a birthday. It had a Sandlot theme. It was rad. Happy Birthday Heather! I was squints and she was Ya ya. SO GOOD!


FJ 40

went to brunch with some friends at Park Cafe and happened upon this gem. I'll take it but without the rust please.