WAYFARER- Kanye West Medley

Pretty neat medley. I must admit I am looking forward for more material. They have a record coming out in the spring so get ready.


Owls are Rad

This video proves it.


Red Wing Boots continued...
I got my boots back. I'm quite happy with them. They now have new soles, a new layer of polish on them, and some crisp clean laces. I'm gonna have these things for the rest of my life, no doubt about it.


The Jealous Sound

I got to re-live the good 'ol high school days and see one of my favorite bands fromt that era. They recently released a new album called, "A Gentle Reminder". I really like it. The first track proves they haven't moved away from their classic sound. Nate Mendel who you might know from Sunny Day Real Estate (original basist) and The Foo Fighters (current basist) played base on the record. He is busy winning grammy's so he was only involved with the recording and not the subsequent tour. I like how all the old school bands I liked back in the day are intermingled and intertwined and linked. I should make some flow charts to show where everyone went and the overlap between bands. Could be neat. Anyways, the show was great. The drums hit hard, the vocals were just what you would expect, and overall it was great to hear those songs played live.


The Shins- Simple Song

Pretty rad video. The concept was very well executed. I'm stoked to be seeing these guys at the Red Butte Garden Amphitheater in May. Just so happens to be the place my little sister Michelle is having her reception a couple weeks earlier. Even though there are all new members of the band except for James Mercer I'm really looking forward to this next record. Jessica Dobson is not only hitting it hard with her other band, Deep Sea Diver, but really expanding her talents by joining The Shins.


Laurel Leaves for Argentina
My little sister Laurel took off on a journey that will take her to Argentina. She will be going through some training for the next month or so before heading out to Buenos Aires. I'm really proud of her for making the decision to serve others for a year and a half. She will do great. To learn more about what she is up to click here. She will be missed but we know what she is doing is important and worth it. I'm just glad we got to live in the same place for a couple months before she took off.


Deep Sea Diver- In Black & White

I'm not gonna lie, since seeing them and receiving their latest release, I'm quite into these folks.


Icon- Derelicts

So I've had my eye on the Los Angeles based company called Icon. They are best known for their work with the FJ 40 Landcruiser (my favorite vehicle of all time) but have really expanded over the past few years in which they also restore Broncos as well now. Jonathan Ward started the company with his wife and since 1996 they have been rebuilding Landcruisers from the ground up. This video is neat because it shows another side of Mr. Ward's passion for vehicles. I've always been drawn to the different patinas and rust colors associated with old classic cars. I would really like to put one together for myself sometime in the future. Working at Icon would be a dream come true. Photo credit and a link to a really good article with lots more pictures can be found here.


Got together a few days ago with my brother and two sister and had a little sibling bonding time. With all our crazy schedules its hard to get everyone together even though we all live within and hour of each other. We really wanted to get together before Laurel takes off to Argentina. We had a great time walking around downtown Salt Lake, getting a bite to eat, and scoping out some cool places. Michelle even got to use her camera here and there. I'm excited to see how her film turns out.


A Story for Tomorrow

I've been nothing but impressed with the quality of work Gnarly Bay Productions have put into their videos. I eagerly look forward to each video they post on their Vimeo site. This video is no different. I'm glad it caught on like it has because they deserve every bit of exposure. If you want to check out another one of their videos, click here. This video makes me wish I went to Patagonia, Peru, and Argentina with Ted and Ian last month. I really should have done it. Ahhhhh.


A Day for Couples

So I don't have a lover. Oh well. I'll live vicariously though this random couple that I happened to document last spring while visiting Chicago. I had a little bit of free time to get away from the Midwest Political Science Association Conference (I was there because I helped out with a little research with one of my professors on a paper he presented there) and found myself walking around Millennium Park. I recklessly positioned my camera to take a timelapse of the incredible sculpture known as Cloud Gate and happend to catch this lovely couple enjoying the warm weather and lack of wind at the park that evening.

With the help of my dear friend Nellie I was able to put some music to this captured moment. Thanks again Nellie and thanks Rand for taking a handful of college students to Chicago so we could eat at all the best restaurants I mean go to the Political Science Conference.
Israeli edition of V-day
This was taken in the Fall of 2009 when I did a study abroad in Israel. I happened to be visiting the Israeli Museum and found this blissful couple enjoying the sun drop below the tree line and creepily snapped a shot. I actually really like it. I hesitated when thinking about whether I should do it or not, but I figured it was just a photo and that there are people going around taking pictures of people they don't know all over the place and they get money for it, so I might as well take it and do it for free. Justified.
Bon Iver-Perth (with the Roots)

I'll probably never stop posting live performances of Justin Vernon and company. Considering his big night, the words he shared, and his incredible integrity, I'll just keep on over posting about his music.


Red Wing Boots
Don't know if you know this, but if you take your Red Wing boots into their store, they'll give you new shoe laces and oil the leather for free. Not a bad deal yeah? I just got these 1975 era Irish Setter Red Wing Boots the other day and took them in for their latest refurbishing. I decided to get them re-soled as well. I'll put up an after picture next week. Shoes or clothing don't really get me going but I must say I'm pretty pumped to get these back in a week.
Came across this on BIKEEFIX and really liked the brushed metal look on the tank and seat. Damien, if you read this you should consider this look opposed to the flat black I know you're planning on going after with your CB 750.


The Maldives

Great song. Enjoy it. More info about the Doe Bay Sessions can be found here.



My buddy Eric noticed this video when it was posted on a mutual friend's facebook page and decided to make me aware of its existence by tagging me in his response to it. I have friends who really know what I like when it comes to videos and timelapse. Thanks Eric for getting my back. I has actually just seen it the day before but of course I took the liberty to watch it again. Hope you like it as much as I do.

I need to get back to Yosemite.

One of the greatest treasures in North America. If you don't get it (and by "get it" I mean if you don't find yourself drawn to the wonders of National Parks) do yourself a favor and at the very least watch the Ken Burns Documentary on America's National Parks. You won't regret it.


Tiny Homes

I have been anticipating this book for several months now. I first heard about it through my wanderings on the world wide web and waited patiently to get it. So far so good. I'm gonna start posting more pictures of tiny houses I find. I've had a quite fascination for several years but figured I would start posting some of my favorites here now and then. Hope you're cool with it. You better be.


Bryan John Appleby

Saw these cats play as well. I was taken back at how tight the set was. They really have their act together. It was way more technical than I thought it would be. Pretty neat. I ran into them at Alberto's after the show. I got some horchata and they got burritos. Click here to get to know the guy a bit better and have a gander at his apartment. Sorta weird but sorta cool too.


Deep Sea Diver

I had a chance to see these folks play some live music the other day. I really liked their set. I had heard a bit of them before the show but hadn't really delved into their music much. I was able to talk to some members of the band after and was pleasantly surprised to find out the lead singer (her name is Jessica Dobson) is now also a part of The Shins. Pretty neat. Deep Sea Diver has a new record coming out soon. You can check out a new song on their website by clicking here.

The video is of a few different bands playing. The first band is Deep Sea Diver. The whole 20 minute video is worth the watch/listen but my favorite part is DSD. Just so ya know.


Getting Things Organized
Just a little sample of one corner of my room. Things are progressing.


Father John Misty- Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings

I really enjoy this song. The video is a little much but I respect what they're trying to do. Pretty eerie song and the video works well for it. Things get nuts but whatever. J. Tillman decided to leave the Fleet Foxes (he handled the drums and percussion duties) and focus on his own musical pursuits. He decided to move away from his name and make music under the moniker Father John Misty. He has a full length album coming out in the next couple months. I'm eagerly awaiting.