I'm a Ghost
I'm a ghost. Or at least that's what I feel like. Neither here nor there. Took these while fiddling around with the long exposure settings on my camera while living in East Jerusalem in the year Two Thousand and Nine.
Your Protector- A cover by Children of the American Revolution

There are a few friends of mine that live in a house in Provo, Utah that all have exceptional taste and ability in regards to music. This little video was made several months back and hasn't gotten old for me. Brooklyn, Anna, & Kate have to be some of the coolest cats I've met over the past few years. Enjoy this great cover.



This only fuels my desire to explore Oregon. Especially Crater Lake.


Ford Econoline Pickup

When I was in Los Angeles a couple months ago I stopped by a pretty neat Motorcycle shop off Melrose Avenue called Powerplant. I started talking to the owner (who happened to be a real nice guy) about his Ford Econoline pickup truck and immediately fell in love with the vehicle. He had done a few things to it that made it really stand out. It was then and there I committed to one day own one and work on it until I was completely happy with it. Here are some pictures and a neat little video about this decently rare and iconic truck from the early 60's.
Chick Hearn

This is a multi purpose post. Not only has the NBA recently decided to get their act together and end the lockout, but today is Chick Hearn's birthday.

I grew up outside Los Angeles and became a Lakers fan during the rebuilding years after Showtime. My favorite player was Eddie Jones (1994-1995 was his rookie year and the first year I became a superfan) and I pretty much worshiped everyone else on the team as well. Being a young kid I could not get enough of the Lakers. Whether it was Eddie Jones (my favorite player), Nick Van Excel, Cedric Ceballos, Elden Campbell, Vlade Divac, Anthony Peeler, or George Lynch, I was stoked to watch any of them at any time. I remember my dad taking my brother and I to the Great Western Forum in Inglewood from time to time to check out the live action. Kurt Rambis actually stepped on my foot after one of the games as a mob of people was trying to get his autograph. All in all, I have fond memories of the Los Angeles Lakers and I'm glad I had a chance to geek out as a kid and be a basketball fanatic. If I wasn't playing ball, I was trading cards or watching them on T.V. with my friends.

One of my favorite things about the Lakers was the way Chick Hearn had such a unique and quirky way of calling the games. He was really old school but there was balance with Stu Lantz by his side too. Great Duo.

The first video is a classic example of Chick's classic way of closing the game. When the Lakers had the game taken care of Chick had a distinct way of verbally wrapping things up. It was brilliant.

The second video is of a game I will never forget. I remember sitting on my parents bed watching the game on a tiny old television. It was a big game because it was the last time the Lakers were going to be playing on the iconic checkered wood floor of the Garden in Boston before they were moving to another arena. The history between the two teams was so rich that even though they both were in the midst of mediocre years, the game still meant a lot for history's sake. The game is easy to remember because of an incredible last minute three pointer by Nick Van Excel at the buzzer that stunned the Boston crowd and gave the Lakers the win. Even though I was watching the game on practically the worlds smallest T.V. screen, that last minute buzzer beater had my brother and I bouncing off the walls. It was incredible.

Cheers to Chick Hearn, the Lakers, and a newly resurrected NBA season.

On a side note. I know how easy it is for people to hate the Lakers. I get it. Just to let you know I'm not a belligerent fan. I just grew up with them and have fond memories of watching them rebuild through the 90's and become a legitimate contender in the two thousands. I am no bandwagon-er and happen to really like a number of NBA teams. Give me a break and understand where I'm coming from. Muchas Gracias.



Port O'Brien broke up and now we have Waters. I'm diggin it. Mickey Mantle is my favorite song on the album but there are several others I really like too. Click here for a the official and incredibly bizarre video for the song "For The One".



Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving. I took it pretty easy. Called my fam, went for a little surf, had dinner with the Hannemann Family, played some barefoot soccer, met up with the roommates and had another dinner (big thanks to Ted and Lindsay for heading things up and Trent for cooking the 4 turkeys in the imu). Thankful for the best of friends and raddest family.

Pic 1: Dr. Ian Patton and yours truly
Pic 2: Enjoying one another's company
Pic 3: House pic taken before Roger (He's the one with the teal shirt) left for the mainland. There is a lot going on in this pic, I know. It got weird when we all put on button up shirts and moved part of the couch outside the house but things needed to be documented.
Pic 4: The feast brought to you by Ted, Trent, & Lindz



I could watch this over and over again. It is absolutely amazing how you can gain a totally different perception of a country once you're exposed to a different current of media. Even though this country is enduring a lot of turmoil, there is a lot more going on there. This short film does an incredible job of giving a new perspective. The music is thoughtfully perfect as well.
Behind Sapphire

I like how these guys can pull off a cover like this and make it sound different yet true to it's original at the same time. At least that's what I think. Click here for more info on the band.
Dubstep is Nuts

I came across this video this evening and had to post it up. It's not typical of me to post dancing dubstep videos but the dude dancing completely boggled my mind. It boggled everyone's mind at my house when I showed them too. We were floored as we tried to figure out if it was real or not. I don't dance much but I have friends who do and I'm pretty sure this is bonkers.

Daytime TV couldn't even believe their eyes.

Also, sorry for posting so much over the past little bit. I've just been inundated with cool stuff and I have to post it or it bothers me. Hope it's not too annoying. Wha Wha.


Maple Leaves & Snow Mounds

I was gonna wait till it got a little bit more snowy and winterish on the mainland to post this video but I saw that my buddy Matt had posted it to my buddy Ian's wall so I figured, ah why not? My favorite shots in this flick are from the trees that let the silhouettes frame the surer just right. So good.
Hey Ocean!

I like the harmonizing in this song. Because of that they made it up here. Plus they're from Vancouver and that place rules.


The Wall of Death

This is a short film about a family, tradition, and motorcycles. Pretty incredible. Very well made. Classic.

I served my mormon mission in Mississippi and ever since then I've been in love with blues and folk music. One of my favorite areas was in the Delta where a lot of incredible musicians got their start.

One of my favorite folk artists is Leadbelly. His story is quite interesting. If you ever care to look into his life a little more you'll find all sorts of neat things about one of folk music's greatest legends. Huddie William Ledbetter who later became known as Leadbelly was discovered at the Angola Prison Farm in Louisiana by John Lomax and his 18 year old son Alan Lomax. What started as a simple documentation of negro prison songs by Lomax ended up being a much larger movement to get his music in the limelight. The rest is history. Here are a few rare videos that give you a better idea of who Leadbelly is. You'll hear me talk about Alan Lomax and lifelong journey to document folk music around the world. If you look for it you can see a lot of popular culture references to Leadbelly. I'll post more on that too.

The first video was a recreation that was produced by Time Magazine back in 1935. Awesome.
Beach Time
My buddy Ryan started a little business this past summer that is really starting to take off. It's called Hawaii Beach Time and they cater to the needs of vacationers out here in Hawaii. The service is simple. You call them up and have them meet you at your preferred beach and you get to choose what gear you want to rent from them. You can get anything from a cooler filled with ice, umbrellas, beach chairs, kayaks, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, etc. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and this unique service is one that has been overlooked here in Hawaii. He has deals with some big hotels and he keeps getting new ones signed up every week. Pretty Rad. Click here for the website.



A History of the Sky

A camera installed on the top of a roof in San Francisco documents the sky by taking a picture every ten seconds. It documents the sky for an entire year. Great concept.


Liliha Bakery
If you ever have a free minute next time you're in Honolulu, be sure to check out Liliha Bakery. I was first introduced to these wonderful baked goods about 4 years ago when my buddy Brian was in town for a volleyball game. He played for BYU and just so happened to make it out to Hawaii every year to play UH. Usually his mom would come out for the games since they are Hawaiian. We would go to the games and afterwards one time we hit up Liliha Bakery. Ever since then I have held it in high esteem. All you gotta do is try the cream puffs or scones and you're hooked. I had a chance to swing by there last week after an appointment for work and grab a box. When I brought them home everyone was pretty stoked. They're a hit.


Bryan John Applby & Band

I really like how this video builds up slowly. Good tunes indeed.
Ural M70 Motorcycle

Ural's 70th birthday is being celebrated this month and they are doing in with the addition of their classic military unit being replicated with tokens found on the original WWII era bike. It not only comes in Olive drab as your only option, but it has a canvas cover, shovel, and a machine gun mount. I've had a deep affection for these tandem bikes since I was a kid and before I even started to get my own bikes. Click here for a bit more info on them.



The Archers Apple & Kickstarter

I met Seth Hanks through my friends Brooklyn, Anna, and Kate a couple years ago and have been a fan of his bands music for some time now. I was lucky to see them play live a couple months ago when I was passing through Utah and let me tell you, they put on a fun show. I really dig their sound. Feel free to help yet another friend's band on kickstarter. I really like what they are doing. Click here for their FB page.
Blake Griffin

I would be stoked to go camping and see Blake Griffin automatically show up as he feeds a deer. These commercials are too funny. At least he's being constructive while the NBA has decided to take a break. I'm ready for basketball to get going again cuz this guy was incredible to watch.


Two Lane Country Road

This is a picture of Kaukonahua Road. Just so happens to be my favorite road two land country road on Oahu. The only time I take it is when I'm leaving Wahiawa and heading to Waialua on the North Shore. I go out of my way and use it especially if the sun is setting because the light coming in through the trees that line parts of the road looks cool plus it's nice to come over the hilly farm land and see the ocean in front of you with the tallest mountain range on the Island looming over you on the left. The first picture was taken a few days ago on my way back home from work. The second was taken by my buddy Taylor a year ago after a costco run with him, Robin, and myself. Taylor was sitting in the back of the truck and snapped that one unbeknownst to me as we were heading to Haleiwa (taking the long-cut Kaukonahua Rd).
The song is by Paula Fuga and is accompanied by Jack Johnson. One of my all time Favorite songs.


Andy Sheppard

Interesting combo of acoustic guitar and looping some audio clips. I like the way it turned out.


Ohia & Lehua
Last spring I had a chance to take a nice walk on an old military road in the heart of Oahu with my dear friend Kelliann. She grew up here in Hawaii and knows a lot of cool spots to explore and this road happened to be one of them. While out there we walked off to the side to get a good view of the rolling hills around us and came across the Ohia Lehua plant. I'm no expert on plants and horticulture and all that jazz but the legend behind this plant is really quite interesting. As she explained the history of it I remembered that a couple months earlier I had heard a bit about this really neat plant while helping a friend film some promotional videos for Kualoa Ranch. I like a good story and the Hawaiian culture has a ton of them. Quite a few involving Pele. I found the legend in a short and condensed version so you can get the drift of it. Hope you enjoy. 

Here is the legend:

A long time ago, there was a handsome Hawaiian chief named Ohi'a. He was in love with a beautiful Hawaiian maiden named Lehua. Ohi'a and Lehua had promised to be true to each for always.

One day, Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, saw Ohi'a and wanted him for herself. Pele was know for her angry tantrums and jealousy. When she got angry, she would call forth burning lava to destroy everything around her.

Pele appeared to Ohi'a as a lovely woman. "I am the goddess, Pele," she said, "and I want you for my husband."

When Ohi'a heard her, he was afraid. Ohi'a knew if he refused to marry Pele, she might get really angry, but if she was just testing his love for Lehua, then if he said yes, she'd still be angry. Either way Pele could destroy his land and kill all his people. Ohi'a didn't know what to do.

"Before I answer, will you promise not to use your volcanic power no matter what I answer?"

"Yes, I promise," answered Pele. She didn't tell Ohi'a that she had many other powers that she could use.

"Then, I cannot marry you," Ohi'a said, "for I have already given my heart to beautiful Lehua and have promised to be true to her. Besides, I am only a mortal and not worthy of marrying a goddess."

Pele was furious. "How dare you defy me!" she cried. "If I can't have you then no one will!" With that, she cast a spell and turned Ohia into a twisted tree with gray leaves.

When Lehua saw what Pele had done to Ohi'a, she begged to goddess to change him back, but Pele ignored her and left for her home in the volcano, still angry.

Lehua sat at the base of the tree that was Ohi'a and cried. How can I live without Ohi'a?" she sobbed. "I would give my life to change him back."

When the other gods heard poor Lehua, they took pity on her. They each tried to change Ohi'a back, but Pele's magic was too powerful. At last, they came up with a plan that would unite the lovers forever.

The gods cast a spell that changed Lehua into a beautiful red flower on the Ohi'a tree. Ohi'a and Lehua were together at last, and Pele could never separate them.

(adapted from "The Goddess Pele," by Joe Mullins, Aloha Graphics and Sales, Honolulu, HI, 1977.)



 M+A 'Liko Lene Lisa' by Monotreme Records
I just purchased M+A's new album called "Things.Yes" and I must say I'm quite impressed. If this video is a bit different for you at the start feel free to just hold tight and continue with it. The song builds upon itself. Click here for more info.


Veterans/Remembrance Day

Thought it would be appropriate to do a little post to remember the veterans who have fought to allow liberty and freedom here and throughout the world. Just so happens my grandpa Hatch on my mothers side was a member of the United States Air Force and my grandpa Cahoon on my fathers side was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I've enjoyed hearing stories about their service. They flew the Consolidated PBY Catalina Flying Fortress and P-51D Mustang among a few others. These two are my favorite though. I actually geeked out back in the day when I was about 12 and made model airplanes of both of them. I would sit in my garage and sand, paint, glue and polish these fragile relics as an ode to both of them and their examples. Plus as a little kid, who doesn't like fighter jets and bomber planes. I would still have them except for the fact I had a little kid brother terrorist named Neal who seemed to only live for the opportunity as a toddler and bust up my model kits while I was away at school. Usually I could glue them back together but one infamous day he made sure they were toast. It's funny to me now but back then it was quite the low blow. 

Anyways... back on track; big thanks goes out to both my grandpa Hatch and grandpa Cahoon for their time in the military. Regardless of which country they represented, their service does not go unnoticed. 


Open Mic Night at the A-Frame

Last night gals at the A-Frame decided to throw a little get together after the fireside. It's nice to have such talented friends who can just get up and play a song. I really wish I had some recordings of the performances rather than just some pictures, but these will do. Luckily there are some cool cats doing some recordings of their songs so we will have some material in the not too distant future. I'll be sure to post those when the time comes.

This gal documents her trip throughout Iceland perfectly. Not just because she has skills with her videocamera, or picked spot on music for her production, or happens to be quite charming, or chose an incredible location, but because she weaved a bit of a story into her documentation. Enjoy all fifteen minutes of it.


The Head & The Heart

Good tunes.
First Friday
So I got my first iPhone a couple weeks ago and found out about instagram. Pretty neat little app. I also went to chinatown for first friday and this post is a result of the melding of those two things. So here's a glimps of first friday through instagram. It was a good time between exploring old buildings and hallways, weaving through crowds of people, and our quest for some food. Downbeat took care of our hunger and need for a milkshake. Thanks goes to John Hathaway for that recommendation.



I got me a Poler two man tent this summer and I must say I'm quite happy about it. I would have gotten one if it was a different color but it just so happened to be one of my favorites so it worked out great. I don't remember exactly where I came across their site but all I gotta say is that I'm happy with their products and I can't get enough of the pictures they post on their blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what other crazy gear they start offering throughout the year. These guys are onto something. They will be rolling out more products so keep going back. Support what they got going on. You won't regret it. I was so stoked to get my tent I immediately set it up in my room and slept in it the first night I got it. Weird? Perhaps. Normal for someone who likes camping and everything else associated with it?
Yes indeed.

I wish I would have brought it out to Hawaii this time around. It would come in handy right about now. 
TED Talks- Louie Schwartzberg

Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination from TEDTalks on Vimeo.
I like coming across inspiring commentary from speakers on TED. This one particularly stood out to me. The footage of Hummingbirds, Bats, and Bees is some of the most amazing I've seen. Mother Nature is incredibly complex and it blows my mind. Here is a link.
Jimmy Kimmel, Halloween, and Zach Galifianakis

I came across this funny Halloween clip and had to put it up. I don't rep Jimmy Kimmel enough so I thought it would be a good opportunity. He is by far my favorite late night personality. Blows the competition out of the water in my opinion. I was lucky enough to go to a live taping a few weeks ago while in Los Angeles and thoroughly enjoyed myself there. I could not stop laughing in a few parts watching these kids devastating reactions. I also came across an interview he did with Zach Galifianakis and decided that since I met the guy this summer I better put it up. It too had me rolling. I'm not sure there are very many people funnier than that guy. Here are clips two and three of the interview. Enjoy.



Pretty neat. I've experienced something like that on a much much smaller scale but that is quite the phenomenon. I wish they edited it without the background sound and just the music though. Incredible.
Baby Ghosts

My dear friend Karly is in a band with a really cool name. I know, I know, it sounds like a Halloween band but I can promise you their not seasonal. It just happens to be Halloween time and her band name is Baby Ghosts. My friend Phil is in the band too. I like it when my friends make music. I really respect the various projects and the eclectic mix of styles and influences in their music. Click on their Kickstarter page and help them make their album a reality. Muchas Gracias.


Youth Lagoon- July

Do yourself a favor and hook some quality headphones into your computer, take a minute to block everything else out and just listen to this song start off slow and gradually build up. You'll thank me if you do it. Promise.

They song starts off with these lyrics:

Explosions pillaging the night
From the fireworks on the fourth of July
It's just my lady, our friends, and I...


Trevor Powers is making music that is honestly some of the best I've heard in the past year or so. He is blowing up too and its fun to see. You'll be hearing more about this guy and his project he named Youth Lagoon to pay homage to the nostalgia of being a kid in Idaho.

Get some more info here.


Honda GL1100 Gold Wing
Came across this over at Bikeefix. It really is amazing how creative people get with their rebuilds. If you google image a honda gold wing it looks nothing like this. Very impressive.
Came across this pic from a fun day at Kualoa Ranch taken about a year and a half ago. Figured it was neat enough to be post-able.