Daytrip to Banff National Park

Took a day trip to Banff with some good friends and couldn't be more happy about it. The whole weekend was great but it was nice to take the gondola up to Sulphur Mountain, grab a great meal at Salt Lick (their mac and cheese is unreal), and walk around main street. Myself, Caitlyn, Josh, and Kathy decided last minute on Saturday we should do it and things worked out great. It was cold, a little rainy here and there but it was all worth it with the views up at the top of the mountain. If you havent' been to Banff, get yourself there.


Deus Handmade Festival

I would like to make it to the next one. Seems like a well put together gathering.


Undaunted Courage

This book by Stephen Ambrose has been incredibly captivating. If you've ever been interested in the Lewis & Clark expedition you should read it. I figured since I've been driving up to Canada so much over the past few years and I pass road signs signifying the different places they stopped while venturing to the Pacific Ocean and back almost 200 years ago, I might as well piece the story together and have a decent understanding of what went on. This book is perfect. Compelling from start to finish.


Roxie LS- Lucky To Have Known You

I like how she used old video footage from her families past for this video. I've got some old footage of my grandparents I'm trying to figure out what to do with. This gave me some ideas.


Kid Brother Expedition

Neal and I stopped off at this old abandoned school house in Beazer after spending a few hours looking for lodge pole pines in the community pasture for our tee pee. I love exploring old buildings. I have no idea how old this building is and all the details about it but one day I'll piece all that info together. Its fun having a kid brother to go do things like this with. I wish we usually lived closer together so it would happen more often but I'll take what I can get for now. These past couple months at home have been great. 

Only a 17 year old like my brother could pull off a striped shirt and camo pants. way cool.


Stoney Indian Pass

This hike was one of my favorite of all time. From start to finish it was magical. We got great weather, we ate like kings, and we didn't kill ourselves with our pace. We took it all in. With easy vistas like these you gotta. Scott, Brett, and Amy were perfect backpacking companions. I had never gone through the Belly River Valley towards Stoney Indian Pass but had wanted to for several years after seeing some of Scott and Cody's pictures. Next time I plan on going all the way past Cosley Lake, up through the Stoney Indian Pass and over into Waterton National Park. I honestly can't wait to get back there. Glacier National Park was already my favorite NP in the US and this hike I think solidified it for good. *All pics were taken with the iPhone 4s. Kinda wish I brought my Canon but these hold up pretty good I think.


Builders Apprentice

This has been a good book. I would do a review but to sum it up simply: It is a great book about building houses and all the ups and downs you would encounter while doing so. For being a book about building a couple houses, it does a great job of making it into a legitimate story where I actually really got involved with the characters. I was impressed by that. Very well written.

A Simple View


The Last Bison- Switzerland

I like the concept for this video. Good jam too.


Vimy Peak

Had a chance to hike the second highest peak in Waterton National Park recently with some friends. It was a great day. The highlight was shale surfing down the mountain and pushing large boulders down to the valley below.


Searching for West

I think this short film is pretty good. A bit dramatized but still good. It seems like the issue they seem to be basing the story around has a simple solution. Maybe its just me. I kinda just wanted to say, "Hey buddy, just don't hunt as much this season and kick it with your wife and new kid. All the wild game will still be around next season". Overall I like how it was put together.


Horseback Riding

being able to go horseback riding on my favorite piece of land was quite the treat. thanks Cristy.


In The Pines

We can debate this all day long but that wouldn't get anybody anywhere. I typically (like most people) find the original song to be the best when it comes to covers but I enjoy all three of these versions of Leadbelly's "In The Pines", I don't really know what to think. LP does a great version as she lightens things up with a ukulele. At the same time Kurt Cobain really put this song on the map in the 90's with his Unplugged version for MTV that I really can't say which one is best. I like 'em all. Give them all a whirl and let me know what you think. Leadbelly is one of my favorite folk artists. His story is even as good as his music. Look into it. You'll be glad you did. All I have to say is that I'm very very grateful to John and Alan Lomax and their work preserving and recording music.