Transcend: The Jon Mozo Story

Here is the trailer that just came out for the documentary on Jon Mozo I mentioned a couple posts earlier. Devin has put a lot of time and effort into this and it's looking good. For more info on Jon and his work go here. I consider myself extremely blessed to know Nikki and her kids. Working with her on different projects over the past several months has been incredible. I hope this video gets you stoked on the feature full length coming out later this summer.

Cap'n jazz - Oh Messy Life by djaimz
I don't expect many of you reading this to dig this band but I needed to put a post up about Cap'n Jazz regardless. These guys were one of my favorites in high school even though they were broken up before I had a chance to see them play live. They were influential to a lot of the bands I listened to and were looked up to as a band that had a unique sound that broke some boundaries. After they broke up in 1995 members went on to form bands like The Promise Ring, American Football, Joan Of Arc, Owen, and Meritime. Luckily Jade Tree Records put out a compilation of all their songs on a double disc CD called Analphabetapolothology. They had a really cool cover of Take On Me that was one of my favorites due to it being so sloppy and rough. The video was taken during a reunion tour they had last year. The other video was too but at a different venue. I would have posted a video or two of their older stuff but the quality wasn't that great.

I really wish I could have seen them play. I would pay big bucks to see them or Christie Front Drive play a show. Luckily for me I was able to see Texas Is The Reason play in NYC for their reunion show but I'll talk about that in another post. (It was the highlight of my musical life) no joke.

I was lucky enough to have some older friends that had good taste in music back in the late 90's who showed me some "off the beaten path aka not on the radio type of music."


Na Haku Youth Mentor Program

Since last fall I've had the incredible privilege of working with Nikki Mozo on a youth mentorship program called Na Haku (It means The Creators in the Hawaiian Language) as a project for SIFE. SIFE is a non profit organization that stands for Students In Free Enterprise and is something that I'll explain more about in the future.

This project is one of the reasons I stayed in Hawaii a little bit longer after I graduated so I could see the program grow. Right now we are working with a group of young students who have a desire to learn entrepreneurial skills to help them connect their creative side to their desire to start their own business. This little video is about Jack who is one of the young entrepreneurs we have been working with. He has some crazy good talent with mural art and is in the middle of starting his own business doing that and designing t-shirts.

Another aspect of working with Nikki and helping her with her late husbands photography business has been the creation of a documentary that showcases the work and story of her late husband Jon. For more info on Jon and his legacy click here. I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to help out and be a part of this awesome project. The trailer to the documentary was just released and I'll be posting it here soon. Stay tuned...


Chris Bathgate
Chris Bathgate, The Ark, 4/4/11

Chris Bathgate just released a new album and it's a good one. Here is another little video you should check out. His website is neat too. Give it a go. The tiny little song player above has songs from an older album I enjoy. Check out the song Yes I'm Cold. It's a good one.


Rust on my front left fender
Rust Problems
Yesterday was a momentous day. It was the day I finished my ongoing battle with rust.

I won.

Living here in Hawaii, and especially living as close to the salty ocean as I do, I have to constantly deal with things getting corroded and rusty. My truck has been battling it for over 5 years and is finally cured. It has taken some time, a lot of work, many hours of grinding, prepping, sanding, priming, painting, and so much more but the task at is complete. After working nearly 14 hours yesterday my 1994 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Truck has been cured of it's rust, painted, washed, and detailed among a few other fixes.

It's sad that it has taken me so long to get to this point (I've had intentions to have this completed months and months ago) but the task can be crossed off my list of things to do. My truck has never looked so good in all the days I've owned it. It's a shame I'll only be able to enjoy it for about a month before I have to sell it and move.

I do feel accomplished though, and I have learned a lot about body work having replaced fenders, cowl grills, brake lights, a windshield and other various parts while tackling this project. Their was even a little miracle that happened that I'll share with you. Check it out:

I was planning on being done at about two or three in the afternoon on Saturday so I could continue my goal of surfing every day before I leave Hawaii (I'm not good, but I enjoy it and have been going consistently as of late) but things went into overtime between this and a few other projects. Because of this I ended up not getting done till eight at night. My goal of surfing was ruined. When I got home Grant and Chad were bored and there was nothing going on (typical for Laie) so Chad said we should have a night surf at Turtle Bay.


Just like that my dream was alive. We stopped off at Kahuku Grill on our way to hitting T-Bay with our wavestorms for an enjoyable man date in the water. Between having the ocean lit up by the spotlights at the resort and Grant and I catching a party wave topped off with a high five before the ride ended, I must say it was a fulfilling and worthwhile day.

The lack of rust in my life and the abundance of fun activities with friends really coalesced into a positive weekend.

*Stay tuned for some before and after pictures of my humble Camion. (truck)


Andre The Giant Has A Posse
I have loved this sticker since I was 15. My buddy Kurt had a Camaro back in the day when we were in high school. It was his brothers before it was his and he had a big sticker on the sun visor that had the face of Andre The Giant and some other writing on it along with his height (7 foot 4 inches) and weight (Five Hundred and Twenty Pounds). It was awesome for many reasons such as it's showcase of Andre's incredible size, the fact that obey was a bit of an underground label, and because I was young and it left an impression on me for some reason.

I recently decided to re-live those days and purchased some stickers on ebay. My truck is currently sporting one of these iconic stickers. People are confused by it, ask questions about it, and even think it's the ugliest sticker they have ever seen but I really enjoy it and I feel as though it enhances my vehicle.

There was a display at Art In The Streets and it happened to feature Shepard Fairey's art. Check it out.

You may think I'm weird but c'mon for realzies. It's the giant from Princess Bride and WWF.

pictures via thefoxisblack.com


Bon Iver Pt. 1

I'm going to just post this little snippet of a song and say a few things, then create another completely separate post backing up in time and telling you about a musician that was able to perfectly craft an album that has transcended genres, time, and musical creativity. (in my opinion)

Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver is releasing a new album June 21st. Since coming across his music in the winter of 2008 I have been waiting for another full length. It's now just around the corner. This little clip will most likely annoy you because it ends so quickly after grabbing your attention with its simple tone and hollow vocals and building snare drum. Here is the Tracklist:

1. Perth
2. Minnesota, WI
3. Holocene
4. Towers
5. Michicant
6. Hinnom, TX
7. Wash.
8. Calgary
9. Lisbon, OH
10. Beth/Rest

P.S. I'm stoked there is a song called Calgary (having been born in Alberta Canada I tend to stick up for the rolling plains of Wild Rose Country)


Boris Smile


The Moment by Borissmile
Came across this band a little bit ago. Check em out. I don't know much about them except they just barely released an album. I like the little promo video because if reminds me of my backyard when I was six years old living in Huntington Beach on Coral Circle. (I only lived there for a year or so but I remember the backyard since it was my domain)


Shinya Kimura & Zero Style

I've been wanting to post this for a couple months now but now feel it is time. I like so much about this video. Shinya Kimura is one of only a few motorcycle builders to have the opportunity to have their work shown at the Legend Of The Motorcycle - Concours d'Elegance exhibition. He started a cycle shop called Zero Engineering in the early 90's back in Japan and has since moved to the states. His bikes have a cult following and if you check out some of his work you will see why. My favorite part of this video is at 1:10 to 1:20. The video is extremely well made but the audio is what really gets me. It's raw and noisy yet not over the top in my opinion. Found via throttlefmc.com


Exploring Kahuku
Exploration Nation.
Don't go there. Kahuku
Freshwater pond in Kahuku
Last week Chase, Skee, and myself decided to go check out a stretch of beach not many people get to check out. It was a hot day and we pretty much just wandered around exploring new coves and bays. There will be plenty more of this type of exploration as spring continues. Stay tuned.


El Teide Timpelapse

My buddy Matt Glendenning posted this timelapse video on my facebook page today and I had to share it. It is no small secret that timelapse photography is something that I really enjoy and am inspired by. This is my favorite video I've seen yet. My favorite part is at 1:28. The way the light is bursting through the trees is unreal. I can't get enough of it. Mark my words. One day I will get the right gear and equipment and do some stuff like this guy. Totally inspiring. Click here to see more of his work.

On a side note, I just want to say thanks to my friends for making today one to remember. I woke up and read a good book on the hammock in my backyard, went surfing at Castles beach as part of a small army of friends equipped with soft top longboards, had lunch at Kahuku Farms, took a massive nap, picked up Amy from the airport, made some crepes (filled with nutella, vanilla ice cream, and banannas), got a great gift from Conor & Erin Jane (thank you again), went to Poppy's place for a bonfire, and topped it all off with listening to some incredibly talented friends sing and play the guitar. I love where I live but I love the people I live around even better. Muchas Gracias.


Cob Cottage
So over the past few years I have been intrigued by building techniques that are a little different and creative than the typical house construction one would be exposed to. One alternative way of building a home is through cob construction. This picture is a nice cozy cob cabin that would be ideal to have as a nice get away. Click here and here for some more information. It's sorta like what hobbits would make their homes out of. Pretty neat stuff.



My buddy Devin has made another neat video. Check out Jetlev.com for more info. He was flown out to Florida just to do the promo video. He ended up doing his own little video for it which is what you see here. Do yourself and Devin a favor by subscribing to his YouTube channel because he has a bunch of neat videos he is putting out soon.
Laie Falls
Abandoned tanker truck
Pine Forest
Came across this old tanker while on the way to Laie Falls yesterday. The other picture is of the pine forest further on up the trail. It was a great day for a hike since it was overcast and bit rainy.


Welcome to Fontevraud

Came across this neat little video this past week. Neato.


Timelapse Shlimelapse

Jason Isbell- Chicago Promenade by iamclark
The Bean @ Night
On my last night in Chicago I decided to venture off on my own and take a stroll around Millennium Park. It was awesome. Just me, my iPod, and my camera hittin up Chi-Town. I came across an empty bench near the cloud gate bean that I had become quite fond of and decided to relax and people watch (I learned the art of people watching from my dear mother, so thank you Marilee). While there I spotted a nice little hipster couple with their fancy bikes enjoying the lack of wind and cold along with the rest of the park goers and thought I would capture the moment using the timelapse mode on my handy little Canon G9. This is the result.

Nellie was kind enough to help me edit it since I have never really even dabbled with the iMovie program and the result was quite enjoyable. If you ever go to Chicago, do yourself a favor and go to Millennium Park.

Check this link out to see something awesome.


Incredible Trees

I came across this incredible article about Michael Nichols and his quest to document one of mother nature's most incredible contributions to our natural world. Read this article to hear about this remarkable undertaking and how much time, effort, and expertise went into this image. I have nothing but respect for the work that went into this project. Here is some more info on the National Geographic website.

I was going to post about this a long time ago but a conversation during a pizza baking get together I was invited to by my dear friend Kelliann pushed me to get on it already and make the post. Brett, if you read this I expect a comment. ha.
The Joy Formidable

Good song. I like the vibe.



Here is an interview. Here is an acoustic song. They have a catchy dark sound that I find unique.


Chicago Part II
From Willis/Sears Tower
Outside of Giordano's
View from Navy Pier

Navy Pier
Random Chicago Ally
Crown Fountain @ Night
Girl & The Goat
Chicago River
The group
Bulls Game

Currently on a layover on the way back to Hawaii. I found some internet so I thought I would make a quick post. Here is the rest of Chicago. I'm glad I brought my camera because this city was fun to document.

Picture 1: View from the Willis/Sears Tower.
Picture 2: The City outside of Giordano's (some great deep dish pizza).
Picture 3: City skyline from Navy Pier with Alice and Phil.
Picture 4: I was lucky enough to meet up with an old buddy from High School who happens to live out here.
Picture 5: Lake Michigan @ Navy Pier.
Picture 6: A neat looking ally.
Picture 7: Crown Fountain in Blue from the ground.
Picture 8: We ate a tremendous meal at a little place called Girl & The Goat. Dr. Bimes was looking forward to eating here and at Avec more than participating in the conference. After eating the food, I get it now.
Picture 9: Chicago River.
Picture 10: The gang after Rand presenting his research.
Picture 11: I was able to go to a Chicago Bulls game. So glad I went and the company was great as well.


Fleet Foxes- Grown Ocean

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop
They release their new album May 3rd. I'm pumped. It is a great record... you're gonna want to get it. Here is a little video they just released getting us pumped for their latest debut. The record is called Helplessness Blues and every song I have heard is great and dynamic and just what you want for a Fleet Foxes song.
A Good Looking Porsche
I don't typically like sports cars or even cars, but I enjoy Porsches. I'm more of a truck guy, but this one stands out to me in particular.


Project M by Spencer Turley

My buddy Spencer entered a little film competition a couple weeks ago and got 3rd place. He asked myself and a bunch of our other friends to help out with it. I like how it turned out. There was a few things he had to throw in there like a blender and the line, "throw me the rope" as well as create a story that fell in line with our tiny island chain not having access to oil because the world ran out of it. If you know some of the people in this film it will be more funny to you, if not... it will just be silly and fun. Spencer is talented and will be doing big things in the future with his video skills. My two favorite parts happen to be Nate Williams getting angry (never happens), Conor Riley being awesome with a fake mustache and rollerskates, and Greg Steele's face after they make their big discovery in the lab. Classic guys. Enjoy. Here is a link on some more info about the contest.


The Bean
Portillo- Chicago style hotdog and Italian Beef Sandwich.
Millenium Park- Chicago
Window Washer
Part of the Chicago Trip group
I'm in Chicago this week with a few other classmates/friends along with one of my professors (Rand Blimes) to present at the MPSA conference. I have worked with Alice Yiu as a research assistant to Dr. Blimes over the past few months and now have a chance to present our work here. We don't present for a few days so we've been touring the city and eating a ton of great food. So far it has been great. I have always wanted to see the giant reflective bean and now I can check that off my list. I'm happy as a clam. I love it here. Sure, it's cold and windy but I like the change of pace from my island home. The nice thing is I get to go back to it. Good deal huh?

We are staying at the Palmer House Hotel and it is a nice one... let me tell ya. I feel pretty important just walking through the doors. It has a lot of history and it is right downtown.

Picture 1: Cloud Gate (aka the bean).
Picture 2: Portillo's (famous for it's hotdogs & Italian Beef Sandwich).
Picture 3: Crown Fountain (awesome video and brick thing).
Picture 4: View from outside the doors of The Art Institute of Chicago.
Picture 5: Downtown.
Picture 6: View of some window washers as their ropes dangled on the sidewalk. Cool job. They were up high.
Picture 7: Most of the Gang. Myself, Takash, Dr. Blimes, Alice, Sam, & Phil (Great group).

P.S. I love being a tourist. I'm taking it all in and have no shame snappin' shots on my Canon G9. For only being here in a day and a half, I must say we've done a lot.