If you haven't had an introduction to Alberta, Canada, then now ya have. I really like this video. It not only shows the landscape of Alberta but the people that live there too. The quality of this advertisement is top notch and you can tell the producers had a vision of what and how they wanted to show their audience the province.

Now let me get things straight... I was born in Alberta. Lived there till I was about 5, moved to Southern California where I lived the rest of my life until I moved to Hawaii. While out in Hawaii several years back my family relocated up north to Alberta which is why I head up that way several times a year. I am a dual citizen and I'm proud of both backgrounds I have with both the U.S. and Canada. I get teased a bit on both sides and I'm fine with that. Both groups of citizens have funny things/pet peeves about the other side they like to bring up to me as if I'm some sort of official representative of the country they are voicing an opinion about. I'm not. I just have parents that happen to have been from both countries and find myself splitting my time between the two.

I actually deserve a bit of harassment because I get to take full advantage of which ever side I want at any particular time. For instance: I rooted for Canada during Hockey these last Olympics. I get healthcare from Canada when I visit. I have a social insurance number that lets me work in Canada. On the flip side... I get to claim the US in Basketball (although I really like Steve Nash), I get to go back and forth between countries and work as I wish (this makes Canadian Citizens who want to live and work in the states real jealous), and I'm also able to take car loads of my American friends up to Canada on road trips to help get the word out of how rad Canada is. Each trip gets better and better.

Enjoy the video and if you ever feel like making a visit up to Alberta, let me know. I make a couple pilgrimages there each year and would love to introduce you to my favorite place on earth. No joke.


Barbed Wire
A little macro shot taken in September. I like the texture.
Flight of the Frenchies

This video is nuts. Don't think I've ever watched a video that made me feel like I was right on the edge of a cliff and about to fall off. The mountains and fjords of Norway have been on my list of places to visit for a long time and this little video really inspires me to make it happen.

Click here for more footage.


Mount Rainier Shadow Cast
I came across this little gem of a picture this morning on The Huffington Post's website. Quite the spectacular natural occurrence. Not something you see everyday. That is for sure.

(photo by Nick Lippert)



This little video is only feeding the fire of my desire to visit Iceland. That desire has been brewing for about 5 years now ever since I had a conversation with friend in Ireland... it's gotta happen sooner than later.



MOOG SOUND LAB: Phantogram "16 Years" from Moog Music on Vimeo.

Phantogram - Don't Move by Hypetrak
Some new tunes from Phantogram.



So anyone familiar with Kickstarter can tell you there are some really neat things you can contribute to. Whether it's a new product being introduced, a concept for a movie, or even funding for a band to create their next album. All in all its a nice platform to get the word out about a project. I don't know Whit Hertford very well but we used to play church basketball together a bit while we were in our high school days. I don't even know if he remembers me from those days when he would rep the Los Angeles Clippers like he was Frankie Muniz. I've enjoyed watching some of his Funny or Die videos and have even seen him on episodes of random TV shows here and there over the years, but when I stumbled on this little video I thought I might help get the word out. Check out the little promo video and if you have a few buck, feel free to chip in a bit. I like this project for several reasons, one of which is the fact that one of the gals in it happens to be in the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I like the overall approach they are taking to get the film out there and I enjoy the character Whit plays. I really think the story line is interesting as well. Enjoy and keep an eye out for it!

More info can be found here.


Canadian Dinosaurs
When you're on a roadtrip in the middle of the Albertan plains and you come across a giant replica of a T-Rex... you make the most of the situation and take a picture with it. Even if you're name is Natalie Vilos and you're struggle wugglin' to make it to the top and end up just settling for the leg. Just a random memory I thought needed to be introduced to the world wide web. Way to go Natalie. Ha.


Israel via Video

I came across these videos and had to put them up. I look forward to the day I return to the Holy Land. These two very different videos do a nice job of showing not only the landscape but the people who live there as well. Enjoy.


J. Paul Getty Museum
While visiting Los Angeles I made it a point to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum. I had only visited the villa in Malibu as a kid and wanted to check out the newer part of the Getty Trust. Here are some pictures of that rainy and fog filled day.
The NBA Lockout & Mediation
I am a basketball fan. I have been since the early 90's. I grew up going to The Great Western Forum to watch the Lakers play back in the rebuilding era of Nick Van Excel, Eddie Jones, Vlade Divac, Elden Campbell, George Lynch, Anthony Peeler, and many others. It was just after "Showtime" but for me it was the world (as a kid it was quite important to me). I ended up playing on the traveling team in 8th grade and then onto High School ball. I was never any good but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I still follow college and professional basketball and really enjoy keeping up on things. One of my professors while studying at BYU-Hawaii happens to be a contributor at ESPN who specifically covers the NBA. Not only is Chad Ford responsible for helping to shape my educational path while at school, but for inspiring me to take a certificate program in conflict resolution. He is a professional mediator who knows his stuff and has a dynamic background that involves working with non-profit organizations throughout the world. He is quite qualified when it comes to conflict resolution and mediation. He wrote an article that can be found on ESPN's website that explains the current NBA lockout situation and the roll a mediator can play in it. It's an interesting read.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Hopefully things will be resolved before too long. It's not like I even watch a whole lot of games while the season is on but its still fun to read up on and see what's happening. Hopefully mediation comes to the rescue.
Midnight City


The Goodwin Project

I just came across this little teaser video about a young family embarking on an around the world trip over the course of this next year. They are a surfing family from Kauai with a knack for finding the good in the world. I must say I'm jealous of their project and wish I could join up and be some type of film crew helper outer or something. So far they have hit up Iceland, Ireland, and Israel. Follow them with their blog HERE. I'm looking forward to the finished project but in the mean time their travel blog will tide me over. I need to find me a wife that is down for this sorta jazz. I can't think of a better way to see the world. Disagree with me all you want but I'm serious.
Neat Little Brat Bike


Toyota Hilux

If I could, I would buy a Toyota Hilux. They have a diesel engine, they are (in my opinion) more rugged than a tundra or tacoma, they look nicer (my opinion once again), and have been time tested as a solid truck around the world. It's a bummer they are not in North America. I found these commercials from New Zealand and Australia and got quite a kick out of them. The NZ one is so over the top ridiculous and funny. Here is one from Pakistan that has a different approach. I'm pretty sure they took the title track from "Last of the Mohicans" and tweaked it a bit for the commercial. Kinda weird but whatever. I may just have to save up some extra cash and make a trip to NZ and export it over here. Perhaps. I really want a small to mid size pickup truck with a diesel engine in it.


John Muir Trail

One day I will hike all two hundred and some odd miles of the John Muir trail. It would be fun to document it in a way like these folks did. Neat video indeed. Here is what wikipedia has to say about the trail.
Painted Curbs & Hawaiian Grass

I came across this color combination on my way into a movie theater in Kaneohe the other day. The colors were too vibrant and the texture too gritty for me to just walk by without documenting it. Am I weird for stopping and taking a picture of grass and painted curbs?... most would say yes, but I don't really mind.


Rock & Roll & Family

It's really neat to see people you respect on one level and then gain more respect for them on a completely different level. When I got home from my Mormon Mission several years back (okay its been a while now) my brother Brad was a huge fan of the Killers. Their music really bothered me. I couldn't get into a glam band where the dude word eyeliner and thought he was really cool because of it. I was still stuck in my old school music ways which revolved around The Get Up Kids, Texas is the Reason, Mineral, and Knapsack.

Well, fast forward several years... I got over things after I heard the single "When You Were Young" for the first time. I think that is their most well written song and the video that goes with it was nicely done too. I'm no super-fan, but I have gained respect for The Killers over the years. This little video caught my attention (as it did with many others as was apparent on my FB wall) so I thought I would put it up. The main thing that resonates with me is balance. The dude has found balance in his life and I like that. I remember reading articles in Rolling Stone about Mr. Flowers that pointed to his faith and at that time touched on his indecision or even lack of commitment to it. It seemed like he was trying to figure some things out and realized he wasn't in or out of it per say. These days he seems to have some balance and a few things figured out and I like that.

On a side note: His solo project had two good songs but I'm hoping he heads back into the studio with The Killers.
Solar Innovation through Simplicity

I came across this little video and couldn't get over the impact such a simple DIY project using scrap metal, an old bottle, and some water could have on such a large number of people. I know this seems like nothing; it's probably insignificant to most people, but innovation doesn't need to be expensive and sexy. The highly effective and functional "bottle in a roof" seems to be catching on in the Philippines and has potential to impact many other areas around the world facing similar issues. Sometimes I can't get enough of social entrepreneurship.

Here is a neat NPR article with more info.


Staying in Los Angeles was great for a number of reasons; reconnecting with old friends, going to my High School reunion, The Getty Museum, Jimmy Kimmel Live, etc. etc. But one really neat thing about the timing of the trip was the ability for me to catch up with some friends who happened to be "passing through the area".

My friend Tayt decided he wanted to ride his bike from Canada to Mexico, so he did just that. He is doing it to raise awareness for Depression. Click HERE to get the whole scoop and check out his blog (which is nicely done and neat to read). His sister Jasmine happened to join up with him in San Francisco and finish the trip with him as well so it quickly turned into a bit of a party as we met at the Santa Monica Pier. Our families have been connected for several years. I went to school with their older brother Jon, out in Hawaii. My sister Michelle was best buds with Tayt in High School (still are), and I've perused around Waterton National Park on hikes and other adventures with Max and Karli over the years. The family is dynamic, so it makes sense some of them would decide to ride 80 to 100 miles a day on bike, trekking across the western united states.

Tayt and Jasmine are finishing up their trip today as they cross the border into Mexico. They will have a little bit of well deserved R&R in San Diego before meeting up with their siblings just outside of Las Vegas at Red Rocks to do some climbing. Seriously click on the link below to read more about Tayt's adventures.
Blue Jeans

Is there something wrong with two quick posts in the past few weeks or so about the same musical artist? Sure hope not. There is something about her singing style that is so captivating. Click here for her performance on Jools Holland.


Beirut At The Greek Theater
While in Los Angeles I had the chance to catch Beirut perform live at the Greek Theater. Hardly any live bands make their way to Oahu so I have to take advantage of live music with bands I like whenever I'm on the mainland. The sound quality at the Greek was incredible (it lived up to the hype) and the history of the place made it even more fun to be there. We got lucky and scored some front and center seats without our back pockets getting emptied. The night was memorable.


Another Well Made Timelapse

Another well made timelapse. This one is all about the south west. Great location. My buddy Matt Glendenning sent me a link a few hours after I first came across this on the world wide web. The kid has got my back. We both have an affinity for timelapse photography among other interesting things.


Cotton Jones- Somehow To Keep It Going

Cotton Jones create great music. I think this is my favorite song. I hope you enjoy it. Please do.
Wedding Bells
Taylor & Ana got married. It was a great day topped off with a great reception. I'm getting pretty good at this groomsman jazz, I must say. Although I didn't catch the Garter (I caught the last one at the last wedding I groomsmanned) it was successful and a truly memorable day. Taylor and I met during a study abroad program in Jerusalem a couple years back. After that experience I convinced him (it wasn't difficult) to move to Hawaii. It was there he met Ana and you get the picture what happened from there. I'm glad I had a chance to celebrate their togetherness and see it all come together. The fist picture is of the lovely couple just after their sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. The second is of me almost catching the garter ( I let Spencer get it. Sike, I didn't). The third picture is of the crew from Jerusalem. Some of the greatest people I know.


Alex Honnold

This guy is bonkers. I can't imagine anyone doing the climbs he does without the assistance of rope. Purely nuts. Nothing but respect for the guy for mastering his craft.


BIKEEFIX.com is quite nice. If you're looking for neat ideas for neat bikes that tend to be in the Brat Bike to Cafe Racer realm you should take a gander.


A Little Hawaii Reunion
We had a small scale dinner get together and reunited in memory of our former lives in Hawaii. It's always therapeutic to meet up, catch up, and reflect on our former, more glorious lifestyle. This particular group covers several different eras. Ghent happens to be the O.G. of the group.


Time Spent In Los Angeles

I'm on my way down to Los Angeles. Good times ahead. I get to drive down with my buddy Brian and his wife Anne. Brian and I grew up together and get to meet up with our buddy Shane for a bit of a reunion that is long overdue. Anne gets to party with some friends at a baby shower being thrown for her (she is due in a month) during our little get together. The timing worked out great for us to leave the Beehive state and visit the mother land and I'm pretty happy about it. This song by Dawes is a good one. Classic even. Fitting for the trip to L.A.


Evan Vilos On Guitar

My buddy is the dude on the electric guitar dressed up like a ninja. His name is Evan. He wails on the guitar and has always made fun of acoustic guitar goobers like the dude with the gals by him. The opportunity to be in this commercial was meant for nobody but Evan. My dear friend Karly is the babe on the right of the acoustic playing goober. All of a sudden my friends are making it big. Phil was the one who put it all together. I feel cooler knowing my friends were part of such an fun production. Hope you enjoy. There should be more wailing on the guitar from Evan in the future. This is just the beginning.