Parks Canada

I'm lucky enough to work in a National Park this summer. It's not a glamourous job (especially for someone who just graduated from college; don't worry, serving tables is not a career move) but I really enjoy it, plus my two younger sisters and kid brother all work in the park as well so its all about family this summer. Ha. This video was taken a few hours north of me in Banff. I really like Banff but Waterton is truly the place to be. On a regular basis I get to see several of the animals showcased in this little video.

Just yesterday I passed a little bear cub wandering around the bridge just before the entrance to the park. Pretty neat.

If you want to see unicorns you should head over to Banff though... there is proof if you click HERE.
I got caught in a hail storm on my way to Lethbridge the other day. Luckily I pulled into a covered carwash area in time to avoid damage to my truck. However I will be helping my father put a new roof on his rental property now because of it. I know these aren't the biggest pieces of hail ever recorded but they were pretty big for me. When they started to attack my truck I thought the world was ending. It was quite loud.



Chauvet Caves & Werner Herzog

I've been anticipating this film for a few months now; ever since I first came across a trailer promoting Herzog's latest work. I saw Grizzly Man a couple years ago and have nothing but respect for the way Herzog communicates the stories surrounding the subjects he chooses to document. Incredible.


Had a chance to head down to Dickey Lake in Montana for a little get away with some friends. It turned out to be a bit of a mancation because the gals didn't show up till Saturday night. We had all day to be out on the lake and eat.

Dickey Lake is just a few minutes from the British Columbia border and is a nice quiet place to get away. It was nice of Grant to let us crash his cabin. The first picture is the view from his place on the lake. The second pic is of Jeff waterskiing. He gets it. The third is of Kristopher just as he let go of the rope. I had to include it because the camera caught the lack of tension in the line perfectly. Kinda neat. The fourth picture is of our little crew acting like goobers. Had to include it. I like how everyone is doing something different. We're weird. The last picture is of one of the stone pillars on the cabin looking out at the lake in the morning. I like the colors involved in the river rocks and the lake and sky in the background. If you have a chance to ever go to Montana, go. It's one of my favorite states.


Yamaha SR500
Neato. I like it. The retro Firestone tires really add a nice touch.


Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

I have been a fan of Mississippi John Hurt for a while now. I'll do an entire post on the man in the future. His story is amazing. I'm lucky enough to have quite a bit of his material. I really enjoy J. Tillman as well and was happy to see we share an interest in a classic song originally written by W.C. Handy. I thought I would post both songs. They are great in their own way. The contrast in musical styles is obvious but the song stays true. I like that. Matt Martin was the one who showed me both videos. Thanks Matt.


Calgary Stampede

Two weekends ago I went to the Calgary Stampede for the first time. I quite enjoyed it even though I didn't go to any rodeo events. I'll save that for next time. I enjoyed walking around the grounds and people watching more than anything really. You find about one real cowboy for every 200 fake ones. Everyone seems to dust off their hats and boots for the annual event. It was quite a sight to see.

The first picture is of an artist I met in the art show portion. He hasn't cleaned off that paint board for over 40 years. He just keeps adding paint to it. How rad is that? I'm glad I inquired about it and got the low down. So impressive.

This group shot was taken while we were watching the band Mother Mother perform. Pretty neat band. Kinda weird but it was fun. Click here to view a video.

We saw some moto cross guys put a little show on for us as well. I respect that sport even though I'm not one for flat billed hats, dickey pants, and metal militia clothing.

Mini Donuts were a hit. I think I ate 20 of them throughout the day. I'm partial to the cinnamon and sugar covered ones. Brittany and Jeff were going bonkers for them and had to have a picture to commemorate their eating habit. Ha.

I don't make it up to Calgary very often but it was a fun weekend.


Priory- Lady of Late

These guys are the epitome of hipsterness. A bit too much to handle for me personally but I enjoy the song quite a bit. Check it.
International Harvester Travelall
I came across this International Harvester Travelall while I was filing up some gas tanks with my little brother Neal for our motorbikes and lawnmower. Neal spotted it and told me I should go take a closer look. It turned out to be a great suggestion because this vehicle is incredible. Click here for some more info on it. It's now on my list of vehicles I would like to find and restore.


Behind Sapphire

I had the opportunity to see these Vancouver based musicians perform last night in Lethbridge. I missed an earlier chance while up in Calgary last weekend so it was nice they stopped by a little closer. I really enjoyed the set they played. They are quite eclectic and cross several musical boundaries, all while doing it with good taste and making it flow quite well. They were all on the same page and you could tell they have mastered their songs. I think its safe to say they will continue gaining popularity as they keep heading out on the road. By the way, these guys are extremely down to earth and approachable. Top notch individuals. Click here for more info.
Canada Day
Canada Day was a fun one. Had some friends down from Edmonton, up from Salt Lake, and even Las Vegas. I celebrated my Canadian side this year. I had to work on the 4th which was a bummer, but at least I got some Canadian fireworks in there (the pictures struggle but oh well). It was a great weekend.


Towers of the Ennedi- The North Face

This is pretty heavy duty.


Kualoa Ranch

I've been anticipating this video for a while now. I was lucky enough to assist Devin on a full day and a half of the filming of this little video. We had an all access pass from the ranch to go all over and film. Not only was it fun, but it was incredible to be able to see parts of the ranch I had never seen before and get an inside scoop on a lot of the history and facts of that treasure trove on Oahu's Windward side. I'll post some pictures soon of our expedition.



My dear friend Maggie showed me this a week or so ago. Thought it was very well done. I really like the concept. It's amazing how well the videos flow together perfectly.


Robin Eggs
I really enjoy the color of robin eggs. These ones were laid in a nest that happened to be built inside our garage. Silly bird.


Young The Giant

I enjoy this. I actually like this version a bit better than the album version.


Kinfolk Magazine

I have some incredibly talented and creative friends who are a driving force behind the upcoming online magazine called Kinfolk. I've been able to be a part of several intimate gatherings put together by Nathan, Katie, Erin Jane, and a few others that have been part of the inspiration and have acted as a bit of a precursor to the magazine and what it's all about. Kinfolk is a thoughtful guide for gathering together as friends and family for worthwhile time spent enjoying one another's company along with good food and constructive conversation. It's about staying in and creating your own atmosphere and experience rather than heading out to a local restaurant and letting others make it for you.

I really like the feel of the promotional video. The team that has assembled for the creation of this new magazine have a lot to say about this niche in entertaining guests while paying close attention to aesthetics and ambiance. It launches on July 15th. I'm anticipating a healthy welcome by all who come across its pages.

Click here for the website.

Check out what LA Weekly had to say about it here.


Yamaha XS650
I like what they have done with this bike. They went for the Brat look and it turned out solid. I think I'm going to have to go this direction one day. Sooner than later...

Found via pipeburn.com
Homemade Fireworks

Devin has done it again. This video has been in the works for several months now. The concept has evolved and I think it turned out quite nice and fun. It was good to see some familiar faces showing off their sports skills. If you look close... you might be able to see yours truly. Ha.

The fireworks are fitting for today because up here it's Canada Day and in a few days after that I'll be heading down into Montana to celebrate the 4th!