My name is Clark. I was born in Alberta, Canada, grew up in a sleepy suburb in Southern California, and made a great decision by going to college in Hawaii. I'm done with school now but I'm not quite done with living in Hawaii. Even though I recently moved to Salt Lake City I continue to plot my return to Oahu on a more permanent level. I really enjoy what living in Salt Lake has to offer. For now the fit is just right. I'm lucky to have great friends and some incredible family members nearby which always adds a nice balance to life.

What started as a nudge from some friends to share music I like turned into a random place on the internet where I post pictures, showcase videos, and occasionally rant or rave on a particular subject I find intriguing.

As far as the name of the blog goes: I felt like it fit. The way I approach life in general somewhat resembles that of a modest conquest of sorts. If you want to contact me you can do so by emailing me at clarkcahoon[at]gmail[dot]com.