Bon Iver

I got to see Bon Iver. It was great seeing Justin Vernon perform with a larger backing band this time. Especially after his latest album which has such a full sound with layers upon layers. It was quite the treat. Great venue, great music, and great company.



Zion National Park

Took a quick trip with a great littl crew down to Zion National park. Chris, Madison, and Kyle were a good group to go with. We hiked Angels Landing after camping just outside of the park on some BLM land. You can't beat free. I even got to break out my Poler Tent. It was a pretty good weekend. Also, we made it down to Bryce Canyon to watch the eclipse. I'll make another post with some of those pics soon.


Father John Misty

I really enjoy this jam. I'm glad to see J. Tillman and his new band get some national television exposure. He gets pretty kooky up there too. He really wouldn't move much when he was making music under his own name. I guess he can kinda let go now. Not sure. It's cool though. It works.


Take Me There. 

I got this from a friends blog. I hope she doesn't mind. I rather enjoy everything about this. Mark my words, before I die... I'll renovate an old airstream and make it just the way I want it. Then I'll take it around North America. Grand. *This isn't my picture, if I knew who took it I would give credit.


Anthony's Antiques

I stumbled upon a pretty neat antique store the other day. I recommend checking this place out if you're ever in Salt Lake. It is more like a museum than an antique store. I'm quite glad I came across it. This particular piece is from a church in Amsterdam. It got renovated in the 1950's and this thing sat in storage for a bit. It is a cherub or putto that was made to look as though it was holding up the arches of the church. I think it is pretty cool. Some may say creepy. I would own it if I had an endless supply of dinero because the asking price is about $60,000. No joke. Its from the 1600's so it's not like you'll be finding many more quite like it.


It's always nice having visitors I moved into a new place. I like that I have more space for friends to hang out. The space in the room is quite refreshing.
Foxes-Home I enjoy this song a bit.


Mothers Day

My dear mother is pretty great. I know we look awkward because for some reason when you're on a horse and you're trying to take a picture you feel so far away so you lean in and then BOOM. The picture turns out like this and you just have to say to yourself, "well at least my eyes are open". I threw that in there because she has a tendency to close her eyes right at the wrong time whenever a picture is being taken. Funny. Grateful for her for so many reason. Cheers to rad moms.



If you want to listen to a bar band; listen to Lucero. These guys have the perfect sound. I wasn't going to go to the show but I was convinced by the guy to whom I had introduced the band to, and who had seen them at least three or four times that I needed to go. It's not that I didn't want to go, I just had had a long day and to be honest it was the same night I saw Megafaun and I felt like I could get away with not seeing them. I ended up submitting to the peer pressure and going and I must say I'm glad I did. The crowd was into it, the band knew what they were doing and they put on a hell of a show. Thanks for the peer pressure Greg.


Pistol Pete

Ever since the 6th grade I've been a big fan of Pistol Pete. I had a good friend whose father would teach the basketball skills found in Pistol Pete's Basketball instructional videos religiously to him and I found myself imitating his moves (not even a fraction as good as he could do them) as well. A gal a dated gave me this book quite some time ago and I never cracked it open till just recently. Glad I did. Pete had an interesting life. I took it to work a few times to read during my lunch break and it created a few lively conversations. There are Pistol Pete fans that come out of the woodwork when you least expect it.
Cinco De Mayo

The only thing I at on Cinco De Mayo was Mexican food. Particularly from Alberto's in Salt Lake City. I recommend the Sausage breakfast burrito. You can't go wrong. Also, they have carpets with their logo on it. Classy. You can't go wrong with this place, it never lets me down.