Roof Time

About three days after I got home from taking my friends up to Canada I got in my pickup truck and headed back up there. In late july there was a pretty heavy duty hail storm in the town my family lives just outside of which took everyone off guard. Especially my dad who had slowly got his roof company off the ground and was easing into bumping up production. All that turned into a tailspin when over 1,500 roofs all of a sudden needed to be repaired. Since I helped my dad out in California doing sales and estimates I decided to come up and help for a bit. I was lucky enough to have a boss back in Salt Lake that was gracious enough to let me come up and help out for a month or so and take a leave of absence. So far things have been busy and stressful. I'm getting used to working with insurance adjusters in coming up with proposals and bids for work. It's way more involved than what we were doing back in Thousand Oaks but its nice to be out of the office and out and about talking with people, working with them on getting a new roof, jumping up on roofs, measuring, etc. Overall its just nice being back home with my family where my dear mother makes me meals and I have a little bit of time after work to walk around the surrounding hills creeks.


High Highs

High Highs - Once Around The House (Official Video) from High Highs on Vimeo.

I love this band and I'm really looking forward to their upcoming release. Here is their latest video for the song, "Once Around The House".


Hawaii Beach Time

My buddy Ryan started a neat company back in Hawaii and I think everyone should check it out. Not just because Ryan is a good guy but because I really like what he is doing and its a great idea. I posted about it a while back but I needed to get another plug in there since they just came out with this new promo video. Do them a favor and pass it around, share it, use it, etc. It really enhances the way you get your beach chill going when you're visiting Oahu. I'll let you click on the link and check out what they offer. You'll be glad you did. www.hawaiibeachtime.com


Canadian Roadtrip

^The gang just before we departed Salt Lake. 7-11 was a must for a snack stop.

^Damien, Ashley, Paula, and Katelin met up with the rest of us in Missoula after driving through the night. Once that happened we were rolling 18 deep. Two vans and a hatchback. Wes' family were nice enough to let us crash their pad on the way up.
^We had to stop by this trading post in Hungry Horse, MT. The owner of the place even got in a picture with us wearing his coyote medicine man hat. Classic.

Avalanche gorge with some of the group.

Classic group shot once we started on our way up "Going To The Sun Road" in Glacier.

Looking at some Grizzly bears we spotted from the car in Many Glacier.

Evan, Beau, and Tadd going over the cache of pictures from the day before.

Panorama of Waterton Lakes Nationl Park

I don't know what I got myself into but all of a sudden I was among 17 friends heading up to Alberta, Canada on a roadtrip. What started out as a small group of friends heading up north turned into a much larger group and ultimately a party on wheels. Typically when you think of a group this size one might be turned off, but this was different. Everyone was on the same page. I couldn't have asked for a better mix of friends and personalities. There were some real characters in the group and it kept an already lively group even more lively. Never a dull moment. The trip went on without a hiccup or issue. Coordinating this many people in a foreign land was actually quite easy. I didn't think it would come together as it did but really I owe it all to the fact I have honestly, the. best. friends. ever. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to associate with. If you want to go on the next one, next summer get at me. I didn't think I would have it in me to do another one but after it was all said and done I couldn't wait to show more people some of my most favorite places on the planet.


Embrace The Remix

I came across Kirby Ferguson a year ago or so. I really liked what he was talking about. I think he brings up good points that are easy to look past and push aside. It most definitely makes me think.



I got these two pieces of pottery while I was in Jerusalem a few years back. They are supposedly dated to about 30 AD or so, give or take. The lamp and vase are both very common there and are being dug up all the time. I took it upon myself to find a reputable dealer who wasn't too pricy. They are some of my more favorite possessions.


Los Angeles Nightfall

I enjoyed growing up close to Los Angeles. Just a short 45 minute drive and I was in the heart of the second biggest city in the US. Once again I'm a sucker for time lapse so naturally this combination would get me. The song selection is spot on as well.

Purity Ring

I am really really glad these two are getting the exposure they have been getting lately. Their hard work and talent are taking them places. It's nice to see a proper music video align itself with the tunes you can find on youtube now. Luckily I was made aware of this band thanks to the Low's being Megan James' cousin. Getting good down low info on a band is always enjoyable since I'm always looking for new tunes. Cheers to Fireshrine and cheers to the video.


Yosemite Round 2

Here are some more pictures from the trip to Yosemite. The first two are from a random town off Hwy 6 in Nevada called Tonopah. Pretty weird little place but they had some old shanty buildings I got to explore around while we filled up with gas so it was cool. Some of the other pictures are of me holding Brian and Anne's latest creation... Isaac, hanging with part of the gang in the Mariposa Grove, some ghost towns, open roads, clouds for days, our campsite, wind turbines, and some of my gear... mostly just New Balance shoes and my sleeping gear.


The Staves

Saw these gals play live earlier in the summer when they opened up for Bon Iver. They have a new record coming out soon so check 'em out. They are sisters.


The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

I really like this short film. People who are able to take and idea and push it through to reality and beyond are inspiring. Check it out. Pretty neat.



I hadn't been to Yosemite since I was a kid so this little weekend trip was a bit overdue. I couldn't pass up a weekend hanging out in a campsite in the valley with several good friends I grew up with back in Newbury Park. I could talk your ear off about this place and how enjoyable it was. A few things I'll touch on briefly: We ate like kings (honestly ate more than I do at home thanks to Rob and Brian getting fanatical at Costco and stalking up two full size coolers), we didn't hike half dome but it will be done next time in the not too distant future, we found a great swimming hole off the beaten path on the Merced River and it didn't disappoint, the company was great and so was the weather. What more could a guy ask for?

*I would break down each picture but I won't get into it here. Shoot me a message or an email if you have a question. All pics were taken with my trusty iphone. I've been bad at bringing my G9 around with me since my phone is so convenient and produces pretty decent quality pictures. 

Cat Power

I dig this jam. She has new stuff coming out soon.


Salt Lake City Sunset

Spend an evening on a tall building in downtown and got to see this while looking west.


Tiny Texas Houses

I've been following the tiny house movement for a long time. It has really captured my attention on many levels. A lot of what people are doing is over the top and not too practical for the average person, although there is still a ton of neat things always popping up that I find to be really useful. Tinytexashouses.com is a great website. I'll post more in the future. I really dig what is going on there. Brad Kittel is a genius.


Aaron Embry

Aaron Embry's music is really quite a treat. Click here for another great little video. I'll post more of his stuff later on. I'm really anticipating his upcoming release.


July 24th- Pioneer Day

This may be a bit late but I don't care, I'm going to still put these pictures up. Utah does this thing where they celebrate when the Pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. To sum it up in basic terms: If you live in Utah during the month of July, you get to celebrate two 4th of Julys. Its pretty cool. I'm way into it. Since I got way into fireworks for the 4th, you better bet your bottom dollar I got way into them for the 24th too. So much so.... that I ended up getting busted by the cops for riding my bike downtown while shooting off roman candles. I don't feel bad about it either. I was being relatively safe. Was it a bit awkward being a grown man and having to explain myself to a bike cop plus a few more who showed up in a patrol car and tell them I'm sorry?... Yeah. A bit. But it was worth it. If you can be in the interesting and enjoyable state of Utah for Pioneer Day, do it. You will be pleased.

The bottom picture is of our group on bikes riding around downtown Salt Lake on the parade rout the night before. People over here camp out and get real serious about their position during the parade. Fanatical even. I just get fanatical about the use of fireworks.



I really enjoy this band. I saw them a year and a half a go in Minnesota with my friends Asia and Catharine and they've been in heavy rotation on my ipod. I like their foot stomping, southern sounding, gritty way of making music. The gal in the band is a sweetheart too. We had a conversation after the show and she was nice as nice can be. They have a new record that just came out too. The video below is a little teaser for their latest record called, "O' be joyful". Get it. How can you not tap your feet to the beat of that music?

Here is a picture of me pinning my younger yet bigger brother quite some time ago. I probably can't do this anymore but at least this was captured on film for proof. Happy Birthday Brad.


A Lanky Swede I'm diggin this song right now. Plus the video was filmed in British Colombia so thats neat.


Bees Game

I went to a Bees game with a really great group of people. If I can't go to a Dodgers game I'll take the Bees. Ball games are so good. 'specially with the right crew.



Mark my words. I'll own an Airstream one day and I'll tour around North America and live in it for a bit. It will most likely be a trailer and not a full on RV but I'll have one and I'll do it. Make note.