Torch Time
A few nights ago some friends and I decided to make torches and trudge through the jungle behind Laie and explore around a bit. Taylor made the torches by finding some old metal pipes and wrapping old towels around the tip and securing it with some thin wire. It turned out to be incredibly fun. We had about a dozen people and we found some old forts, caves, and evan a tree swing. I'm already looking forward to our next torch adventure.


Devin Graham said...

This looks EPIC! I want in on the next torch adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a big cave. Nice pictures, my favorite is the second one :)

mirozon said...

exquisite! both pics and adventure

Marilee said...

Wait a second Clark. I know you weren't able to do Stairway to Heaven that night, but I hadn't heard about the alternative adventure. Looks fun and mysterious.