Rest stop somewhere in the Egyptian desert.
Nile in Luxor
Ultimate Giza Plateau Picture
I've been keeping a pretty close eye on the events happening in Cairo these days. I had the chance to visit Egypt in the fall of 2009. I feel like I was just there. The first picture was taken in an obscure corner of a rest stop our bus took us to. It's somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. The second picture was taken down south of Cairo in Luxor. These little boats cruise around all day long out there. Pretty rad. The third picture is of the Giza Plateau. Pretty typical tourist shot there. I'll post more pictures in the future. I have tons more. Here is an article you should read to keep yourself informed.


Chris & Carolyn said...

it is crazy what is going on over there right now.

melange muse said...

thanks for the link to the article. also I really like the first picture a lot.

no said...

this business better calm down so i can follow in your footsteps!