Wasabi Peas
Sometimes you need a legit snack to get you through long periods of time in the library. Wasabi Peas are perfect for that. They keep you awake because of the wasabi and they are crunchy which is what any good snack food should be. I have been munchin' on these a lot lately. Here is a link to a pretty legit song. It will be in a movie that is coming out that I don't care to see but I came across the song and like it.


Shayla said...

Wasabi Peas?? Hmmm, I'll have to give them a try some day!

Brittany said...

Oh I like that song! To be honest, I'm not a wasabi peas fan, but whatever keep you going.

And yes, I really hope our friends are friend in Jeru!

Paige Bischoff said...

Clark! Is that book Lessons from Great Lives? That makes me very happy if it is! I love that book and the author is pretty cool too!

Brit said...

Wasabi peas, I have got to try those! I'm quite addicted to wasabi nuts... Crunchy, but not as healthy as wasabi peas.