I collect Sea Glass
Green Sea Glass
The Collection
Random Beach Finds
Blue Sea Glass
I collect sea glass. I have been since I moved to Hawaii. I decided to organize and sort through the stuff I've collected a little while back and this is the documentation of it. I can't explain why I do it, but I do. I have a couple locations that never let me down and remain almost totally top secret. Blue is the goal but green gets the job done.


Marilee said...

Ok, where did you get all this sea glass. I'm glad I didn't feel sorry for you when i found the blue sea glass at Chinaman's hat. And you have to display it on your sweet lanai!!!!!

Michelle Joyce said...

Ow. It's so beautiful.

Meg said...

Wow. These are stunning!
And look at that view of yours... perfect.

theycallmeair said...

Holy wow! That is quite the amount of sea glass you've got there, yep. That's awesome, I can honestly say I have yet to have found sea glass that looks like that...

amynicole said...

i LOVE collecting sea glass! Matt and I were talking the other day about how we need to gather more of the blue...it's so hard to come by! I have jars and jars filled with sea glass and beautiful shells too!

I'm sad you're time in Hawaii is coming to an end. We haven't hung out in F.O.R.E.V.E.R. (just like Smalls says it from Sandlot). Let's party.