Island by Akron/Family

This song is really smooth. Simple and calming. Enjoy. Akron/Family formed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and have put some pretty decent albums out. Their upcoming album has been getting some buzz. It's called S/T II:The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT. If you could figure out what that means I'll give you a buck. I like it regardless of my lack of understanding.


Kelliann said...

Shinju (means double suicide in Japanese theater) TNT (short for the chemical explosive Trinitrotoluene) so my guess is the song title means, "The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Double Suicide with Trinitroluene"! Craziness. Sounds softer the way they spelt it.

Kelliann said...

you owe me a buck.

no said...

looove akron/family

also, love every single video you post on your dog-gone blog.