Andre The Giant Has A Posse
I have loved this sticker since I was 15. My buddy Kurt had a Camaro back in the day when we were in high school. It was his brothers before it was his and he had a big sticker on the sun visor that had the face of Andre The Giant and some other writing on it along with his height (7 foot 4 inches) and weight (Five Hundred and Twenty Pounds). It was awesome for many reasons such as it's showcase of Andre's incredible size, the fact that obey was a bit of an underground label, and because I was young and it left an impression on me for some reason.

I recently decided to re-live those days and purchased some stickers on ebay. My truck is currently sporting one of these iconic stickers. People are confused by it, ask questions about it, and even think it's the ugliest sticker they have ever seen but I really enjoy it and I feel as though it enhances my vehicle.

There was a display at Art In The Streets and it happened to feature Shepard Fairey's art. Check it out.

You may think I'm weird but c'mon for realzies. It's the giant from Princess Bride and WWF.

pictures via thefoxisblack.com

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