Cap'n jazz - Oh Messy Life by djaimz
I don't expect many of you reading this to dig this band but I needed to put a post up about Cap'n Jazz regardless. These guys were one of my favorites in high school even though they were broken up before I had a chance to see them play live. They were influential to a lot of the bands I listened to and were looked up to as a band that had a unique sound that broke some boundaries. After they broke up in 1995 members went on to form bands like The Promise Ring, American Football, Joan Of Arc, Owen, and Meritime. Luckily Jade Tree Records put out a compilation of all their songs on a double disc CD called Analphabetapolothology. They had a really cool cover of Take On Me that was one of my favorites due to it being so sloppy and rough. The video was taken during a reunion tour they had last year. The other video was too but at a different venue. I would have posted a video or two of their older stuff but the quality wasn't that great.

I really wish I could have seen them play. I would pay big bucks to see them or Christie Front Drive play a show. Luckily for me I was able to see Texas Is The Reason play in NYC for their reunion show but I'll talk about that in another post. (It was the highlight of my musical life) no joke.

I was lucky enough to have some older friends that had good taste in music back in the late 90's who showed me some "off the beaten path aka not on the radio type of music."

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meredith c. said...

haaa i LOVED the promise ring in high school, awww! nostalgia!