Chris Bathgate
Chris Bathgate, The Ark, 4/4/11

Chris Bathgate just released a new album and it's a good one. Here is another little video you should check out. His website is neat too. Give it a go. The tiny little song player above has songs from an older album I enjoy. Check out the song Yes I'm Cold. It's a good one.


jess bahr said...

Clark: I never told you this but I think it's time now.

A long time ago you did a short shoutout for the Avett Brothers. I gave them a listen and knew right away my husband would like them. Thanks to you they are now one of his favorite bands! I am going to pass along this artist as well.
Thanks for keeping me in the music loop :)

JEsse said...

Top picture kind of looks like a well groomed Poppy. . . Juss saying. Thanks for the good tunes!