Project M by Spencer Turley

My buddy Spencer entered a little film competition a couple weeks ago and got 3rd place. He asked myself and a bunch of our other friends to help out with it. I like how it turned out. There was a few things he had to throw in there like a blender and the line, "throw me the rope" as well as create a story that fell in line with our tiny island chain not having access to oil because the world ran out of it. If you know some of the people in this film it will be more funny to you, if not... it will just be silly and fun. Spencer is talented and will be doing big things in the future with his video skills. My two favorite parts happen to be Nate Williams getting angry (never happens), Conor Riley being awesome with a fake mustache and rollerskates, and Greg Steele's face after they make their big discovery in the lab. Classic guys. Enjoy. Here is a link on some more info about the contest.

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