Ka'ena Point
Skee @ Kaena Point
Kaena Point Gorge
Kaena Point gorge expedition
Mud @ Kaena Point- OAHU
Stuck in the mud @ Kaena Point
A week or so ago my buddy Skee and I decided to go on a bit of an adventure to Ka'ena Point. We ventured off to the furthest point West on Oahu's North Shore as we could. Ka'ena point is known for it's large waves during the winter swells and the large Albatross bird population that lives there. It has a road the dead ends and turns pretty rough. Most 4x4 vehicles have a difficult time getting through it. Skee and I decided to bushwack and blaze our own trail to go and venture into a small canyon/gulch. Once we got to the dry creek bed it was a breeze but before that we were in grass up to our faces while weaving between the large lava rocks hidden by the brush. The end result was an impressively dry 50 foot waterfall with nothing more than a trickle of water and a brown pool of water underneath it.

As the picture shows, I also had a run in with a mud puddle. It honestly had the appearance of being totally dry in spots... so I crept out onto the surface, only to find myself quickly sinking mid thigh deep into the muck. I had so much fun that once I got out with the assistance of Skee's extended arm I jumped right back in. It was quite fun. The ocean was less than 40 yards away so cleaning off was a cinch. Unfortunately for a man driving a stock 4x4 Ford Ranger the mud got the best of him. We ran into him on the way out and offered to drive him to get help (my trusty truck had nothing to offer in terms of being able to pull him out) but he already had a friend coming to assist in the excavation.

All in all, Ka'ena point is a majestic part of the island. Besides a quick hike to some climbing walls I would occasionally peruse with some friends back in the day, the gorge we found, incredible mud piles, large waves, and albatross; Ka'ena Point happens to be a nice place to camp as well. We plan on going back soon. Here is some more info on Ka'ena Point.


Evan said...

I love Ka'ena Point. At the very end of the point there are a bunch of old military pill boxes up in the mountain you can climb up to and see all the way down the west side and the north shore. Definitely worth a return visit.

meredith c. said...

so glad that wasnt your truck. !

Brittany said...

That looks beautiful--glad you're not still stuck in the much though. I need to take some time off of work and enjoy the summer we're finally getting in Utah!

Marilee said...

Pretty glad that this was not your truck Clark. That mud could have been quicksand and you could be buried deep inside of Hawaii right now. None of that mischief is allowed this summer in Canada!!!