Last month I decided to be creepy and ride around Laie at night on my roommates bike and snap long exposure shots because of the full moon. I didn't realize how creepy I was being until midway through the evening when I thought to myself, "I wonder what that car was thinking when they just passed by me setting up my camera on that wall pointing it towards the palm trees". Whoopsies. I should have thought my plan of attack out better and brought a friend. Oh well. These pictures are what came of that brightly lit evening. I happened to have the opportunity to ride a bike last night since the moon was so full only this time I had the companionship of some friends and the lack of my trusty Canon G9. The new bike path that parallels Kamahameha Highway and connects Kahuku and Laie together happens to be my favorite place to be right now. It's nice how well lit it is as well. It really is a great asset for the community.

Anyways... I recommend getting yourself out there amongst the beaming rays of moon light next time you have a chance. It would have been fun to go night surfing if there was at least a little bump on this side of the island. Shoots.

***UPDATE*** A group of us actually went surfing last night even though there were hardly any waves. It was still a bunch of fun. Anytime you have two large white long-bed pickup trucks filled with people and surfboards you're gonna have a good time.


Marilee said...

Ok, I will go out during our full moon and try and take some night shots. I need to learn more about my camera but I am confident and can do it as well as you even if I don't have a sweet Cannon G9.

Marilou said...

Oh I love those shots Clark. Especially the one with the fence (that would be a great bike ride) and the one of the long shot to the temple. It was really neat to see the hibiscus flowers closed. It's like the world was asleep except you of course. I can almost feel it there just looking at the pictures.
Take more!