Mother Dearest
Mom's wedding day
Mom & Lulu's Kodak Dick Van Dyke Ad
My mom is the greatest. Fun, Beautiful, hard working, domestic, smart, silly, and so much more. I'm glad she chose to be a mother full time and raise us 5 kids. In high school she was all my friends' favorite. She woke up early to pack my lunch growing up. She sends me stuff in the mail from time to time. She even sends me little reminder emails and usually throws in a good story just for good measure. She is incredibly fun to play board games with. She even was a good sport and moved from Southern California up to Alberta Canada with my dad, all with a good attitude. You won't find a more hip and with it mom. Plus on top of all of that she can be just down right ridiculously funny/silly.

The first picture is of her on her wedding day in Hawaii. Good lookin' couple, yeah? The second picture is of a print ad her and my aunt Marilou (they are identical twins) were in with Dick Van Dyke back in Hawaii in the 70's. It's her modeling days claim to fame.

She has a really fun blog you can check out here. She is also the biggest commenter on this here blog. Thanks mom. It's always good to hear what you have to say. Have the best day ever.


girluntitled said...

i love your mom, too...the few times i've interacted with her. you can tell that she loves her kids unconditionally. and she's a freakin' BOMB SHELL. no wonder she was all your "friends favorite" hahaha

Marilee said...

What can I say Clark? Thanks for the post. This is as good as getting breakfast in bed. In fact better because I didn't get breakfast in bed this morning.

meredith c. said...


Marilou said...

Hey Clark,
That was a surprise to see on your blog! Look who has the biggest bubble. And your mom is funner? I think not! Ha ha!