Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Ryan Adams is one of my favorite recording artists. He has changed up his style quite a bit from his Whiskytown days. Every album is different. The first video is one of my favorite songs off his album Easy Tiger. It never gets old for me. The second video is entitled Fix It and is off the album Cardinology. Click here for one of my favorite songs off the album III/IV. Even though it is a collection of past recordings they are still new to me so I'm stoked on it.

I was first made aware of Ryan Adams when I was living in Alabama for a couple months back in the summer of 2006. A friend of mine who I worked with was a huge fan of Ryan Adams and burned me a bunch of his albums before I left to drive back home. He was all about spreading the word of Ryan Adams. I think Jacksonville City Nights had recently come out, so that is what I started on. It was perfect music for the drive back to California. I don't think I listened to anything else all the way across texas. We're talking from Beaumont to El Paso. It was a long drive but perfect for me to dive right into all of his material.

Some people don't dig his tunes but I really do. It's always fun to get his latest release and see what direction he is taking. Rumor has it he is going on tour in Europe soon and coming out with a new record that has entirely new material. Ever since he got married to Mandy Moore he has been laying low.

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