The first video is my favorite Take Away show of all time. I look forward to visiting this music store (Music Inn) next time I'm in NYC. Something about its disorganized and eclectic mix of instruments make me want to just tinker around for an afternoon. Here is the blogotheque website. They have tons of great artists. You can get lost on that website for hours.

The second video is a very well done recording of a live show in Spain. The Dreamer is the best track (in my opinion) off his latest release.

Kristian Matsson is from Sweden but he plays a brand of music that would make you think he is from the Southern United States or perhaps the midwest. He has a unique twang to his songs. Before he did his own thing he was in a band call Montezumas. I'm glad he is doing his own thing now, not that Montezumas was bad but he definitely found his sound with The Tallest Man On Earth. Here is another neat video of one of my favorite songs.


no said...

I am loving take away shows. There has been a steady stream of them playing on my computer for the past few days. They are all SO good!

Jonah James said...

Hey, glad you like the Spain performance of Kristian - I was holding that camera for about 50 minutes trying not to miss a moment! Here's the full 50 minute version, if you feel like a Friday treat ;-) http://www.1take.open-vision.net/2011/01/25/episode-4-the-tallest-man-on-earth-live-in-barcelona-full-concert/

peace JJ