Canadian Road Trippin

About a year ago I had the pleasure of taking a group of friends (Mike, Evan, Erik, Ashley, Carolyn, and Janelle) up to the country I was born and not raised... Canada. Even though I grew up my whole life in California I would come and visit Alberta every summer with my family and partake of the goodness that great land had to offer. I have over 70 cousins on my dads side of the family alone and most of them lived out there so our family reunions were quite fun and memorable. My family decided to move back there a few years ago while I was getting my education in Hawaii so now I head to Canada to meet up with them... anyways, back to the point of the post.

We packed into some cars and drove up from Salt Lake, stopping at the Lewis & Clark Caves in Montana for a little expedition and eventually got to good 'ol Leavitt, Alberta Canada; the place my great grandfather homesteaded many years ago and the place my family built a house and settled down to get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California.

Us guys left in one car while Janelle and Ashley drove up the next day and Carolyn flew in to Calgary a day after that as we were making our way to Banff. This little video documents some bits of our trip. Mike Schoneman filmed and edited it and it came out great. There is even more footage we have talked about putting together for another video but we will see if it comes to fruition. It was great to have friends like Maya, Ben, Sara, and Kaitlyn to hang out with once we got up there. All in all it was a trip never to be forgotten. If anyone is looking for a great place to take a road trip up to... my doors are open and there is a ton of things to do out here in Southern Alberta between Waterton, Glacier, Banff, and the rolling plains in between, I can promise you a grand old time.

Please excuse the inside joking and ridiculousness that you will find in the video... It probably isn't that funny to you. Just look past it if you can. Mahalo.

Picture 1: Part of the crew hanging out at Red Rock Canyon in Waterton
Picture 2: Don't worry, we all purchased matching ponchos from Caribou Clothes in... Waterton
Picture 3: The Crew (Ashley, Me, Evan, Carolyn, Janelle, Mike, Erik)
Picture 4: Roasting some marshmallows and cooking Bannock at Ben's place

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