Head For The Hills

A couple weekends ago a group of us did something we don't usually do; we packed into as many 4 wheel drive vehicles as possible and decided to head for the hills. Some friends found some neat roads located behind Kahuku that are perfect for off-roading and mostly require 4 wheel drive. We decided to have a little pow wow and have a bonfire. We went up to a vacant ridge, pulled the trucks around in a circle and enjoyed the evening and each others company.

One of the coolest things about it was the trek up there. We had to really weave our way through the forrest to get to our destination. Doing it in the middle of the night added a bit more to the experience as well. Hangin' with Gideon and Morgan made it even better on the way up. It was a fun night.

Picture 1: Mark's new Jeep with the wood pallets and part of the group getting ready to head out.
Picture 2: Chad effectively roasting 3 marshmallows.
Picture 3: Jordan, Skylar, Jordan, and Nellie kickin it by the fire.
Picture 4: We let off some fireworks for kicks.
Picture 5: Group shot of the Pow Wow.
Picture 6: Nellie and I messing around with the long exposure function on my cam with some sparklers. (Thanks to DAK4 and his photography tips)

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