Memorial Day
Memorial Day was a whole week ago. Crazy. Time is flying by like none other. Luckily it was a perfect day filled with Barbecues, paddle boarding, snorkeling through underwater caves, falling coconuts that almost landed on some friends but didn't, and so much more. Here are a couple pictures to document the perfect day.

First one is Waimea Bay. Hailey, Dave & Ashley Bowen, and myself went snorkeling and found a few cool things out in the bay including a mini fish habitat in the form of an old foodland shopping cart. I have a new goal: Instead of just getting a sailboat, I wanna get one and park it at Waimea Bay for a week and just live there. This was inspired by the three sailboats that parked themselves right in the bay and seemed to be having the time of their lives all hangin' out together. I want in on the sailing lifestyle.

The second picture is at Kawela Bay. I have a decent amount of married friends who look past my lack of a spouse and still invite me to their functions. It's always a good time catching up and spending time with them all. It was a great last Monday on the island.