Calgary Stampede

Two weekends ago I went to the Calgary Stampede for the first time. I quite enjoyed it even though I didn't go to any rodeo events. I'll save that for next time. I enjoyed walking around the grounds and people watching more than anything really. You find about one real cowboy for every 200 fake ones. Everyone seems to dust off their hats and boots for the annual event. It was quite a sight to see.

The first picture is of an artist I met in the art show portion. He hasn't cleaned off that paint board for over 40 years. He just keeps adding paint to it. How rad is that? I'm glad I inquired about it and got the low down. So impressive.

This group shot was taken while we were watching the band Mother Mother perform. Pretty neat band. Kinda weird but it was fun. Click here to view a video.

We saw some moto cross guys put a little show on for us as well. I respect that sport even though I'm not one for flat billed hats, dickey pants, and metal militia clothing.

Mini Donuts were a hit. I think I ate 20 of them throughout the day. I'm partial to the cinnamon and sugar covered ones. Brittany and Jeff were going bonkers for them and had to have a picture to commemorate their eating habit. Ha.

I don't make it up to Calgary very often but it was a fun weekend.

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Marilou said...

Oh yah, mini donuts are a very popular Canadian delight at all carnivals, fairs, stampedes etc. And if you are lucky you can even find them in a mall. If you are needing some more go to Montana's in Lethbridge. They are one of the new desserts. Fancied up of course!