Kinfolk Magazine

I have some incredibly talented and creative friends who are a driving force behind the upcoming online magazine called Kinfolk. I've been able to be a part of several intimate gatherings put together by Nathan, Katie, Erin Jane, and a few others that have been part of the inspiration and have acted as a bit of a precursor to the magazine and what it's all about. Kinfolk is a thoughtful guide for gathering together as friends and family for worthwhile time spent enjoying one another's company along with good food and constructive conversation. It's about staying in and creating your own atmosphere and experience rather than heading out to a local restaurant and letting others make it for you.

I really like the feel of the promotional video. The team that has assembled for the creation of this new magazine have a lot to say about this niche in entertaining guests while paying close attention to aesthetics and ambiance. It launches on July 15th. I'm anticipating a healthy welcome by all who come across its pages.

Click here for the website.

Check out what LA Weekly had to say about it here.

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