Had a chance to head down to Dickey Lake in Montana for a little get away with some friends. It turned out to be a bit of a mancation because the gals didn't show up till Saturday night. We had all day to be out on the lake and eat.

Dickey Lake is just a few minutes from the British Columbia border and is a nice quiet place to get away. It was nice of Grant to let us crash his cabin. The first picture is the view from his place on the lake. The second pic is of Jeff waterskiing. He gets it. The third is of Kristopher just as he let go of the rope. I had to include it because the camera caught the lack of tension in the line perfectly. Kinda neat. The fourth picture is of our little crew acting like goobers. Had to include it. I like how everyone is doing something different. We're weird. The last picture is of one of the stone pillars on the cabin looking out at the lake in the morning. I like the colors involved in the river rocks and the lake and sky in the background. If you have a chance to ever go to Montana, go. It's one of my favorite states.


Marilee said...

Neat pictures Clark. You do have a nice little camera.

And Montana is one of my favorite states as well. I could live there easily!

Marilou said...

You should be a photographer Clark. Really nice pictures and that water-skier pic is really cool. Your right....perfect timing.

theycallmeair said...

Seriously, that third picture is the bomb(dot)com. (: Wicked cool.

Amy Carlston said...

montana? what is that a village or something? how do you find this place? it looks gorgeous.

miss you buddy. i think a skype session is overdue