August 4th

On August 4th My father and brother celebrated their birthdays. They happen to be exactly 30 years apart. As a family we were able to celebrate the occasion with the traditional chocolate cake and ice cream. After the modest celebration, Brad (birthday brother) and I took the dirtbikes out around the yard and to the surrounding pastures to explore. We decided to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight up on the hill with the radio tower above my grandparents house.

I particularly like how it has the retro looking electrical bolt on the dish. Pretty classic if you ask me. First picture is of the dish, second is of the tower on the hill, and third is of rad Brad's profile shot which will most likely turn into a new profile pic. (you know you wish you had a nice profile shot like that to slam up on good 'ol FB)

Needless to say, I'm glad Bradley made the 11 hour drive north so we could celebrate his birthday and have a family reunion. Good choice.

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Marilee said...

I want a profile pic Clark!