Shark Speed

Shark Speed is a band no more but they are still doin' their thing. The second video is of a commercial that featured their music which I think is pretty neat considering they haven't been a band for almost a year now and that they never quite got the exposure they deserved. My buddy from my Mormon Mission is the all purpose back up singer, tambourine user, synth/keyboardist, among other things in the band. Way to go Gregory. On top of that my close friend from childhood married the drummer (Natalie was the source of my knowledge of the car commercial too). I met David Clark through Greg and he plays guitar and back up vocalizes, Thayne sings his heart out and I met him through all those guys, so their are all sorts of connections. Fwwwefff. Had to get that all out there.
It would be nice to have them get back together and pursue music but I don't think that will happen. Everyone is spread out across America now. Check out their FB page for more info right here.

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