Tyson Monson
My cousin Tyson is a professional photographer. He teaches classes at a couple different universities and works at an art gallery along with his freelance photography business. I really enjoy the detail he pays attention to on his shots. He mos def knows what he's doing and it shows in the quality of his work. He shoots with film and digital and is a wizard with either of them. I really like how he isn't a totally fanatic about one or the other but looks at both techniques and equipment as having benefits fit for different things. I think some photographers stick to one side or the other too much and miss out on what each have to offer. He is balanced.
I had a chance to tag a long with him on one of his shoots a couple weeks ago. Check out his website here. And his facebook page here. This pic up above is a little shot I got of him doing what he does best. I'm hoping there will be some time in the future I can learn more about his craft and assist him some more. I'll post my favorite picture he has taken of one of my most favorite places on this earth.

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