Family Reunions
The family reunions on my father's side are nuts. He was the middle of 11 kids so over the years the fam has grown exponentially. We had a reunion and had 129 people out of a total of 180 show up. Not too bad, especially since everyone is scattered around Canada and the Western United States. We had a great time going to 27 at Lee Creek (Its a family tradition, my great grandfather used to own it and we have been going to the same swimming hole for generations), having a talent show, and going to the Cardston Parade. I'm lucky to have such a rad family.
Picture 1: The Creek. Section 27. Fam fave.
Picture 2: Brad & Laurel singing their rendition of The Gardner by The Tallest Man On Earth
Picture 3: Rob singing a rendition of Johnny Cash with a tiny little bird.
Picture 4: The Cardston Parade. This is just part of the family, we took up quite a bit of space on the other side of the road too. The kids were pretty excited to pick up the candy the different floats passed out. Canadian parades are nice like that. I like how the Cahoon Hotel sign is in the back if you look close. I didn't even try to get that in. Cool.

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