If you haven't had an introduction to Alberta, Canada, then now ya have. I really like this video. It not only shows the landscape of Alberta but the people that live there too. The quality of this advertisement is top notch and you can tell the producers had a vision of what and how they wanted to show their audience the province.

Now let me get things straight... I was born in Alberta. Lived there till I was about 5, moved to Southern California where I lived the rest of my life until I moved to Hawaii. While out in Hawaii several years back my family relocated up north to Alberta which is why I head up that way several times a year. I am a dual citizen and I'm proud of both backgrounds I have with both the U.S. and Canada. I get teased a bit on both sides and I'm fine with that. Both groups of citizens have funny things/pet peeves about the other side they like to bring up to me as if I'm some sort of official representative of the country they are voicing an opinion about. I'm not. I just have parents that happen to have been from both countries and find myself splitting my time between the two.

I actually deserve a bit of harassment because I get to take full advantage of which ever side I want at any particular time. For instance: I rooted for Canada during Hockey these last Olympics. I get healthcare from Canada when I visit. I have a social insurance number that lets me work in Canada. On the flip side... I get to claim the US in Basketball (although I really like Steve Nash), I get to go back and forth between countries and work as I wish (this makes Canadian Citizens who want to live and work in the states real jealous), and I'm also able to take car loads of my American friends up to Canada on road trips to help get the word out of how rad Canada is. Each trip gets better and better.

Enjoy the video and if you ever feel like making a visit up to Alberta, let me know. I make a couple pilgrimages there each year and would love to introduce you to my favorite place on earth. No joke.


Marilee said...

Neal wants to know what the music was. Very nice......the winter pics? not so much......

Jazmin said...

Love this video. Thanks for posting the great little gems you find.