The NBA Lockout & Mediation
I am a basketball fan. I have been since the early 90's. I grew up going to The Great Western Forum to watch the Lakers play back in the rebuilding era of Nick Van Excel, Eddie Jones, Vlade Divac, Elden Campbell, George Lynch, Anthony Peeler, and many others. It was just after "Showtime" but for me it was the world (as a kid it was quite important to me). I ended up playing on the traveling team in 8th grade and then onto High School ball. I was never any good but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I still follow college and professional basketball and really enjoy keeping up on things. One of my professors while studying at BYU-Hawaii happens to be a contributor at ESPN who specifically covers the NBA. Not only is Chad Ford responsible for helping to shape my educational path while at school, but for inspiring me to take a certificate program in conflict resolution. He is a professional mediator who knows his stuff and has a dynamic background that involves working with non-profit organizations throughout the world. He is quite qualified when it comes to conflict resolution and mediation. He wrote an article that can be found on ESPN's website that explains the current NBA lockout situation and the roll a mediator can play in it. It's an interesting read.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Hopefully things will be resolved before too long. It's not like I even watch a whole lot of games while the season is on but its still fun to read up on and see what's happening. Hopefully mediation comes to the rescue.

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