Rock & Roll & Family

It's really neat to see people you respect on one level and then gain more respect for them on a completely different level. When I got home from my Mormon Mission several years back (okay its been a while now) my brother Brad was a huge fan of the Killers. Their music really bothered me. I couldn't get into a glam band where the dude word eyeliner and thought he was really cool because of it. I was still stuck in my old school music ways which revolved around The Get Up Kids, Texas is the Reason, Mineral, and Knapsack.

Well, fast forward several years... I got over things after I heard the single "When You Were Young" for the first time. I think that is their most well written song and the video that goes with it was nicely done too. I'm no super-fan, but I have gained respect for The Killers over the years. This little video caught my attention (as it did with many others as was apparent on my FB wall) so I thought I would put it up. The main thing that resonates with me is balance. The dude has found balance in his life and I like that. I remember reading articles in Rolling Stone about Mr. Flowers that pointed to his faith and at that time touched on his indecision or even lack of commitment to it. It seemed like he was trying to figure some things out and realized he wasn't in or out of it per say. These days he seems to have some balance and a few things figured out and I like that.

On a side note: His solo project had two good songs but I'm hoping he heads back into the studio with The Killers.

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