Chick Hearn

This is a multi purpose post. Not only has the NBA recently decided to get their act together and end the lockout, but today is Chick Hearn's birthday.

I grew up outside Los Angeles and became a Lakers fan during the rebuilding years after Showtime. My favorite player was Eddie Jones (1994-1995 was his rookie year and the first year I became a superfan) and I pretty much worshiped everyone else on the team as well. Being a young kid I could not get enough of the Lakers. Whether it was Eddie Jones (my favorite player), Nick Van Excel, Cedric Ceballos, Elden Campbell, Vlade Divac, Anthony Peeler, or George Lynch, I was stoked to watch any of them at any time. I remember my dad taking my brother and I to the Great Western Forum in Inglewood from time to time to check out the live action. Kurt Rambis actually stepped on my foot after one of the games as a mob of people was trying to get his autograph. All in all, I have fond memories of the Los Angeles Lakers and I'm glad I had a chance to geek out as a kid and be a basketball fanatic. If I wasn't playing ball, I was trading cards or watching them on T.V. with my friends.

One of my favorite things about the Lakers was the way Chick Hearn had such a unique and quirky way of calling the games. He was really old school but there was balance with Stu Lantz by his side too. Great Duo.

The first video is a classic example of Chick's classic way of closing the game. When the Lakers had the game taken care of Chick had a distinct way of verbally wrapping things up. It was brilliant.

The second video is of a game I will never forget. I remember sitting on my parents bed watching the game on a tiny old television. It was a big game because it was the last time the Lakers were going to be playing on the iconic checkered wood floor of the Garden in Boston before they were moving to another arena. The history between the two teams was so rich that even though they both were in the midst of mediocre years, the game still meant a lot for history's sake. The game is easy to remember because of an incredible last minute three pointer by Nick Van Excel at the buzzer that stunned the Boston crowd and gave the Lakers the win. Even though I was watching the game on practically the worlds smallest T.V. screen, that last minute buzzer beater had my brother and I bouncing off the walls. It was incredible.

Cheers to Chick Hearn, the Lakers, and a newly resurrected NBA season.

On a side note. I know how easy it is for people to hate the Lakers. I get it. Just to let you know I'm not a belligerent fan. I just grew up with them and have fond memories of watching them rebuild through the 90's and become a legitimate contender in the two thousands. I am no bandwagon-er and happen to really like a number of NBA teams. Give me a break and understand where I'm coming from. Muchas Gracias.

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