Dubstep is Nuts

I came across this video this evening and had to post it up. It's not typical of me to post dancing dubstep videos but the dude dancing completely boggled my mind. It boggled everyone's mind at my house when I showed them too. We were floored as we tried to figure out if it was real or not. I don't dance much but I have friends who do and I'm pretty sure this is bonkers.

Daytime TV couldn't even believe their eyes.

Also, sorry for posting so much over the past little bit. I've just been inundated with cool stuff and I have to post it or it bothers me. Hope it's not too annoying. Wha Wha.


T.RIPPY said...

I'm really annoyed.

Anonymous said...

i'm really into the group performance aspect of dubstep dancing... marquese scott's crew remotekontrol (remotekontroldance.com) is a smooooooth movin' lil trio. and this crew may not be as mindblowing as scott but they kill this routine --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn90iyutb7I
i spy bits and pieces of tecktonik styled dance... my previous french movement obsession.

ooh la la? c'est vrais.

also, don't be sorry. keep on posting. it's not that annoying.