Liliha Bakery
If you ever have a free minute next time you're in Honolulu, be sure to check out Liliha Bakery. I was first introduced to these wonderful baked goods about 4 years ago when my buddy Brian was in town for a volleyball game. He played for BYU and just so happened to make it out to Hawaii every year to play UH. Usually his mom would come out for the games since they are Hawaiian. We would go to the games and afterwards one time we hit up Liliha Bakery. Ever since then I have held it in high esteem. All you gotta do is try the cream puffs or scones and you're hooked. I had a chance to swing by there last week after an appointment for work and grab a box. When I brought them home everyone was pretty stoked. They're a hit.


melange muse said...

remind me about this place when i go to hawaii

Marilee said...

Um, you need to give props to Leonards Bakery on Kapahulu.