I got me a Poler two man tent this summer and I must say I'm quite happy about it. I would have gotten one if it was a different color but it just so happened to be one of my favorites so it worked out great. I don't remember exactly where I came across their site but all I gotta say is that I'm happy with their products and I can't get enough of the pictures they post on their blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what other crazy gear they start offering throughout the year. These guys are onto something. They will be rolling out more products so keep going back. Support what they got going on. You won't regret it. I was so stoked to get my tent I immediately set it up in my room and slept in it the first night I got it. Weird? Perhaps. Normal for someone who likes camping and everything else associated with it?
Yes indeed.

I wish I would have brought it out to Hawaii this time around. It would come in handy right about now. 

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