Veterans/Remembrance Day

Thought it would be appropriate to do a little post to remember the veterans who have fought to allow liberty and freedom here and throughout the world. Just so happens my grandpa Hatch on my mothers side was a member of the United States Air Force and my grandpa Cahoon on my fathers side was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I've enjoyed hearing stories about their service. They flew the Consolidated PBY Catalina Flying Fortress and P-51D Mustang among a few others. These two are my favorite though. I actually geeked out back in the day when I was about 12 and made model airplanes of both of them. I would sit in my garage and sand, paint, glue and polish these fragile relics as an ode to both of them and their examples. Plus as a little kid, who doesn't like fighter jets and bomber planes. I would still have them except for the fact I had a little kid brother terrorist named Neal who seemed to only live for the opportunity as a toddler and bust up my model kits while I was away at school. Usually I could glue them back together but one infamous day he made sure they were toast. It's funny to me now but back then it was quite the low blow. 

Anyways... back on track; big thanks goes out to both my grandpa Hatch and grandpa Cahoon for their time in the military. Regardless of which country they represented, their service does not go unnoticed. 

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Marilee said...

I thought about doing a post just like this, but didn't have photos of Grandpa Cahoon. Nicely done.