Lately in Hawaii.

Lately I've been reminded why I keep coming back to Hawaii. You just can't beat it out here. I have two good friends visiting out here right now. Josh decided to come back after being gone for 4.5 months and Ghent made a good decision and came out after an extended 4.5 year absence. The time paralells between them are interesting. I'm currently staying at our friend Evan Fa's place (along with Ted, Paul, & Ian) and its been a great reunion filled with Fa and Ghent rap battling, making fun of each other incessantly, and us reminiscing on the good old days ('05-'07). Luckily it gets better because over the course of the next week or so, several more friends will be coming out here for Jeff Johnson's Wedding. The combination of good friends and the lifestyle Hawaii affords makes it hard to leave.

Big thanks to Grant for putting together the bouldering expedition at Waimea. I have walked past those rocks a million times and had never thought about climbing them. If this post doesn't make you want to move to Hawaii we shouldn't be friends. Sike, but seriously.

Picture 1: View from the top of the bouldering rocks at Waimea Bay. It was a perfect sunset.
Picture 2: Hanging out at Log Cabins.
Picture 3: Ted making his way up the rocks. Josh having just arrived the day before was more interested in soaking up the sun (this makes sense having come from Calgary).
Picture 4: More of Waimea Bay via instagram.
Picture 5: The Impossibles Pizza truck topped off the day. You really can't get a better deal for food on the North Shore. 5 bucks gets you an entire quarter section of pizza. That's one slice in their book. It's dealville over there I'm telling you.
Picture 6: Ghent shows his face in Hawaii after a prolonged absence.

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